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  1. we will be getting pets with a later patch, so i wouldn't waste my dream on that. I want Housing!
  2. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    yeah, but they're lazy and only do things that include some gain for themselves just like every other gaming company. we were supposed to have free in account trading since August 18th
  3. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    Even though it says that you can mail characters on the same account, I cant. It wont let me do anything but accept mail from that tab.
  4. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    So can people who haven't charged ncoins even use this function? Because I can't.
  5. Rage!?

    i dun get it :(
  6. Impy's Artsu Shop

    THE CLONE e3e
  7. [Commissions] Jaz's Chibi Art Shop

    sssshhhh... i changed it, you weren't supposed to see that ; -; *cries in corner*
  8. [Commissions] Jaz's Chibi Art Shop

    *shyly pokes* Jazzy whhhhhhhhy, why u no on poharan
  9. <AllStar Inc> is a new Poharan based clan! We serve those of Cerulean Order. REQUIREMENTS~ There is a Membership Free required upon joining. This is subject to change as the clan gets higher in rank: 1 Gold, 10 Soulstones (Not required on entry but are still required), 1 Naryu Silver. The Attack Power Req will be raised as the clan rank and level cap raise||| it is currently: 300+ Attack Power Please please PLEEEEASE!!!!! be active daily or every other day. Notify me of a conflict to avoid being kicked. You MUST actively participate in either the clan chat in game or on our Discord Server. I don't want a clan full of people who don't talk then leave. WHAT WE DO~ Since we are a PvE Focused clan we run 4/6 Man BSH, 4/6 Man Labyrinth, 4 Man Poharan, 24-Man NSH, 24- E.Fleet, Faction Quest and Blackwyrm (Sometimes). We will run each of these daily for any whom wish to participate. I also hope that with more members we can have in clan contest for a prize of sorts. That about wraps this up, If you have any further questions please contact me in game>>> Character name: Imppi or Prince Imppi (After Mar. 2nd)
  10. Character beauty contest for fun

    but there's a screenshot function from the game itself.... the Print Screen key
  11. Silly Sketchy Lyns (Requests open)

    My Lyn FM Imppi, He's the reason i live and breathe~ My Angel is my favorite costume on him :D
  12. Will draw for outfit?

    \ o u o / Niing and Imppi can be Force Master buddies *Boo! pulls lightsaber outta the air*
  13. Will draw for outfit?

    @woyooO##########O OMAIGORJSJGAIWJFOGJRISIBNN <333333333333333 enternal love and now you gotta servant, why would i mind you making me beautiful XD
  14. Will draw for outfit?

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BBY!!!!!!!! I HAD NCOINS YESTERDAY BUT I GOT KINDA PURCHASY!!!!!!!!!!! D: i had a bunch left over and ended up buying storage space here have my apology face!!!!