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  1. Block System

    Yes, certain classes can block attacks. Kung Fu Master is one of them. There are probably others, but that one is the only one I know for sure. In the case of the Kung Fu Master, the default button for blocking is the "1" key.
  2. Broken game launcher

    Two things you can try: Add the folder for the installer and/or game to the exceptions list for your firewall. Do the same thing, but for your anti-virus software (provided that your anti-virus software has real-time protection activated). Beyond that, you can try uninstalling/reinstalling the NCSoft Game Launcher and if that doesn't work, uninstalling/reinstalling the game (last resort).
  3. 45's in low level dungeons.

    Thing is, you technically can enter these dungeons outside of a group. Not sure whether you can choose which version you get though.
  4. First person camera bug

    More often than not, I get this bug when in cross-server dungeons. Specifically Blackram Narrows as it's the only dungeon done through cross-server.
  5. Smooth Camera Movement

    I have. It's nice, but weird. I find it useful whenever I move the camera around super quickly as it helps me from becoming disoriented.
  6. Stupid maintenance time

    45 minutes give or take a few.
  7. FF14: ARR Chat was flooded for weeks, forums were flooded regularly with gil selling spam for at least a couple days. Edit: Yeah, 8 hours straight of no locks/deletes.
  8. Every popular MMO goes through this when they start out (yes, I'm aware this came out years ago elsewhere). This one is no different. Still annoying though.
  9. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    I feel your pain, Lem. I was ganked just outside of bamboo village by a level 45 standing spitting-distance away from the zoneline. Even though I really liked the look of the outfit we get, I quickly changed out of it.
  10. Ok, so, this happened

    I see I'm not the only one who noticed that. Either they've found a way to circumvent the stop-gap measures or character info isn't updated on demand.
  11. Well then you've learned a valuable lesson. Don't wear faction outfit if you don't want to be PvPed on.

    Hate to break it to ya, but there are other services they could sell for real cash. Like dungeon runs (and loot rights), leveling services (aka Power Leveling), materials for crafting, and so on.
  13. Daily Dash Ends??

    Your two spins are daily, but if you want that outfit at the end, then you'll need to reach it before the 16 days are up.

    Here's a suggestion: Prevent character names with more than 3 consonants in a row and/or more than 3 vowels in a row. It won't stop them, but it will be one more thing to slow them down with.