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  1. Gems in Arena

    they dont make a difference until after the season starts
  2. send a ticket telling them the mistake
  3. Hairstylist?

    They probably will implement it, for of course Ncoins.
  4. Assassin No grind spot? :C

    Isnt the lightning dash for 28? or I got the names mixed up.
  5. Assassin No grind spot? :C

    I am lvl 25 and I realized i cant go to the jackal and whatever you call it cave, because I lack the ability to AoE efficiently. Are there any other way to hit 30s faster without doing the side quests or the only way is for pvp, which most high levels would demolish me? Thanks for any opinions or feedbacks. I havent played assassin before which i feel might be a slight mistake? Originally i played destroyer, but assassins are fun orz .
  6. Change Body Physics?

    they arnt big..they are -7
  7. Change Body Physics?

    I think ill just nerf my boobs then .-. jesus
  8. I guess you have never played a MMO. Nor have you ever met RnJesus.
  9. Change Body Physics?

    .-. jfc i mean nudity i can understand the ban...but even modifications? or cleavage lol wtf?
  10. Server Locations?

    I was told Mushin is in San Jose , California.
  11. Change Body Physics?

    They want the jiggle?
  12. Change Body Physics?

    ....Im not trying to censor anything .-. i just want the boobs to jiggle less... like it looks extremly bad the way it jiggles not even a natural look.
  13. Change Body Physics?

    i want to play being able to see, not blind lol
  14. Gold/silver/copper really ncsoft? really?

    I feel it, not even like a drop from monsters, and i preferred to just grind for coins.