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  1. well all of the summoners cc except their root is on their cat while wls have most of them without thrall. but i dont have any problem with a 1 sec q on thrall that stuns. it will become just like cat so why not do it .
  2. um i think there are octagonal gems in game too.
  3. you see them spinning dont attack them wait till they burn their chi. if you attack them while spinning it will stun you and gives them chi that enables them to spin more
  4. amir73

    the new skill

    i didnt say that the skill is useless. i said that the effect of the skill is useless because when the enemy is garbbed its better to use the new skill instead of rmb. but after that its going to be like always using rmb rapture for helix.
  5. 2 of my friends used 7000-8000 gold that they earned from mushin tower and ssp for hm coins and trove without using real money. and let me tell you they arent p2w they just worked hard for them. one of them has 500 floor 15 runs already
  6. amir73

    the new skill

    um whats the point of tier3form2 of bombardment when we have the new skill that hits even harder than dragoncall.i think they have to change that bombardment
  7. so we have 4 months to get legendary lvl 6?
  8. i think seraph has higher damage than baleful from around lvl 4or 5
  9. i've been using full dark build with hm rmb for around 3months now. with true scorpio your 100% chi recovery procs alot since you hit a lot of things like rmb rapture helix, each one of them can proc it. if you didnt get the proc use soulshackle t5s1 and it will give back alot of chi. and for the times that shackle is down use either t3s1 mantera or t4s1 imprison. if you time these things you will never go out of chi but the best way i know for chi is use rmb then 1 lmb then salvo. it gives a bid more damage and chi back
  10. friend there is something called crit damage in this game. i'm around 700ap and my bombardment hits for around 8000 each with 210% crit damage and for 1000ap i think i saw that they hit 25k damage with that ap because of the legendary soulshields
  11. awaken bombardment decrease the cd of dragoncall by 3 second with each hit and awaken dimensional salvo lets you spam dimensional salvo none stop that the awakened form of it gives 3 dark orbs so you can spam rmb and helix none stop for the duration of sb
  12. dimensional salvo is really good for tanking a solo boss since it will give you time to block and you can still do damage but its not that good without hm skill so if you dont have hm skill and strugling to stay alive use t3f3 bombardment and the left tree of rapture to have alot of healing and it wont let you go out of chi so since you are new to the class it will help you alot .
  13. about wls awaken changes you can spec bombardment that gives you awaken bombardment that decrease dragoncalls cd by 3 sec with each hit so you can can have 3 dragons up all the time and if you spec for dimensional volley you will get awaken dimensional salvo that dont need that 1 sec and you can just spam it like bombardment and it gives 3 dark orbs on hit so you can put 1 finger on rmb and another one on 4 and cast helixs none stop. they buffed dimensional salvos damage and they hit harder than bombardment now so your rmbs overall damage wont change that much even if you use dimensional salvo
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