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  1. Fix the *cricket*ing lag

    I have the same problem too :( I don't live too far from the servers, but I'm getting 240ms or higher while in Arena/Cross-server Dungeon. I run around 80ms on average in Open World which isn't the best considering how close I am. After running PingPlotter this what I noticed. (18ms) to (1765ms on average, but most of time just has ERR) After using Ping Plotter many times, I'm getting range from 91% to 100% packet loss from Once it hops to the next route ( it drops right back down to an average of 50ms. I believe that anyone connecting to Level3 in Dallas is likely to have high ping. I'm a plat BM and its very hard to play when lag hits me like freight train in the middle of a match on occasions. Luckily, skill lag isnt a issue for me unless I'm trying to roll backwards during a trip in the middle of the opponents combo. I often times have to spam the F key (which is the skill that allows me to roll back) up to a second or so before it even appears for me to sometimes be able to escape. NCsoft if it's a problem with please sort it out.
  2. Arena lag PingPlotter Results?

    Hello everyone, After going through support about the crazy high Arena ping, I was asked to use PingPlotter and shortly after that, they told me it was my ISP and I was told contact my ISP about the problem (which I'm absolutely positive it's not). I know many others are having the same exact issues as I am. So I'm curious about what results did everyone get from PingPlotter? I watched PingPlotter work its magic and noticed this was losing an insane amount of packets (around 92% packet loss). So does anyone else have the same exact one happening in PingPlotter or a different one?
  3. @people complaining about lag

    It's not just EU, I'm from NA and I have the same problems :(
  4. Why the BM badmouthing?

    I'm was at 1787 at one point as BM and used almost the same build (Except I had the last skill point placed into the Anklebiter skill instead of the Take Flight skill. Your build is very similar to s_PvP's build, which is what I based mine off of. I suggest you check s_PvP out on Twitch and watch some of his previous videos. He's a awesome CN/TW Diamond Blade Master who has been playing the NA version of game. Hope this help :)