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  1. High-End PCs Capping at 40FPS

    How is his PC mid range xD, the only thing you have on him is the 980Ti and some DDR4 Ram. Btw, the difference between DDR3 and DDR4 is minimal.
  2. High-End PCs Capping at 40FPS

    I was having the same types of issues with the game. My PC Specs aren't are impressive as yours but I am running.. i5 4690K OC'd 4.3GHZ EVGA GTX 970 4GB DDR5 8 GB DDR3 Ram I was having frame rate issues until I found a guide that showed me how to properly tweak my graphic settings via Nvidia Inspector. Ever since then I am running a solid 120FPS on max settings in any area, with drops to 45-60 in extremely crowded areas. Check out this link and run with these settings and I'm 100% positive your frame rate issues will go away. Visit this reddit post and read the second post. https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/42y25u/blade_and_soul_optimization_guide_needs/
  3. Account Banned :(

    Paid for gold or power-leveling huh?
  4. Just got home and BAAM!

    This must be the first time you've waited. That queue time is nothing compared to what I saw for the non premium players on Old Man Cho last night xD.
  5. Larger breasts size

    Use, commas, much?
  6. Outfits Missing from the store/wardrobe

    Quit hating on the censorship... there's bound to be third party texture packs in the future released to fix this.
  7. Complaint RE: expanding inventory

    XD oh man... create a new character.... just do it...
  8. Is anyone else having issues applying a founder pack serial number to their account? I purchased the initiate pack and am playing the game currently... but my rank is only 1 for the VIP. The initiate pack serial code does not show up on my NC Soft account. Not sure what to do.
  9. Mine aren't showing up from the founder's pack.
  10. Unsually high CPU usage in B&S?

    Not sure what the issue could be other than windows 10.. I've got the exact same specs (except my cpu is OC'd to 4.2) and mine runs great with no FPS drop on MAX settings.
  11. subscription scam

    Most MMO's with Cash Shops are like this. They place items in certain price ranges to force the player to spend more money on premium currency. It's a smart move from a business standpoint in my opinion lol.
  12. There is a suggested server list for a reason...
  13. Non-Premiums QQing about Queues

    Lol you guys are ridiculous.. come on over to Old Man Cho. Best server name by far ;).