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  1. Solo Bloodshade Harbor 4-man

    Can you please post a video with Mushin 8F, 3rd Mushin and he build? pretty please :P Ty in advance.
  2. [Recent] EU launcher issue

    Same here
  3. Mainatainance extended!

    You get stuck in the connecting page so they are not up
  4. Mainatainance extended!

    Most of these ppl that complain have put more money into this game than into a P2P game , so it's obvious they have reasons to complain.
  5. Stupid maintenance time

    this topic doesn't have anything to do with developers attention. they anounced the maint. and the time it will take so i don't see your point
  6. Why are the blues always the buttheads

    I laughed at this post. 1st of all, this happens both ways around i can asure you of that. 2nd is that it is normal to be this way. That is why there are 2 opposing factions. i understand the frustration when you are lvl 20+ or 30+ and get killed by a 45 char as i went thru that myself on my alt, but after all it's ok. If faction dailies wouldn't have pvp involved or even this kind of stupid pvp, then it would be boring as hell. it's not like you have to do something intelligent in the faction dailies if you don't get the "attention" of the opposing faction.
  7. Stupid maintenance time

    stop making 100000 topics for the same issue/problem/whatever. Look in the forums be4 posting. there are at least 4 other topics about this only for this one maintenance. Happens all the time and the forum gets flooded. Also i see ppl asking about how long will the maint. take and it takes like a few seconds to look and see that in the news topic....
  8. usually there is no rollback, so if you saw your char up to 31 then it will be 31 when servers go back up
  9. Relax will you? the currency exchange from hoongmoon coins into gold and viceversa will be introduced soon...and that one convienient way to satisfy both free2play and premium accounts. so i got my answer .
  10. yes, i'm asking materials for items in exchange of 120 euros membership + that i have to still pay those materials with real cash, so what did you do to support the servers? just farm? anyway, i got the answer i wanted reading the forums so i'll stop posting in here.
  11. p2w what? arena pvp isn't about gear that is one thing. and second, i'm just asking for materials not for the items. ofc i would apply some conditions like a certain period of membership and stuff like that, but i for one payed for 365 days membership and i don't see that paying off in any way. I just had enough MMPRG matials farming during my years of playing this kind of games and i would prefer having a RL also, instead i pay for the advantage of buying materials. p2w in open world pvp? maybe yes, but lets get real, often in open world pvp you get trashed depending on how many ppl you face and it's not so much gear dependent as it's for skill. P.S. BTW 365 days membership it's about 120 euros translated. Don't you think it's enough for having an option to buy more stuf in the shop? it's not like it's for free. sry for typos...still sleepy
  12. I would like to see materials (rare ones like moonstones and higher stuff) in the hoongmoonshop. Ppl that buy premium generally do it for avoiding hundreds of hours of farming because they do not have time for that. It's a fair exchange, you get money to support the servers and and ppl with less time don't get demotivated playing the game for weeks to get stuff in order to make a few materials needed for an upgrade. If that isn't possible , at least give Premium accounts with above 30 days membership the option to trade hoongmoonshop stuff for ingame gold. I know you have the option to give a gift, but many players are afraid of being fooled.