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  1. Jiwan is a Brazilian server?

    Oh~ Cool. Thanks for telling me!
  2. Jiwan is a Brazilian server?

    Going off what Changels said, I can't agree more. I used to play TERA and came to Blade and Soul for the better story, lore, and artistic prowess. The only thing that TERA has above BnS is the fact they have no spammers that I am aware of. I've never seen one in person or even on global chat. Maybe NCSoft needs to contact En Masse to see how they do it. That's also my biggest complaint. TERA has a BIG BR problem though. I used to ask myself what was wrong with Brazilians. I thought "Yeah, they should be fine if they speak English though, right?". It wasn't until PvP that my hatred gained ground. There's a battleground known as Corsairs Stronghold. It's centered around tactics as well as how much the characters can DPS. So let's say the leader says that everyone needs to go to the south gate. You know what the BRs do? Whatever the duck sauce they want. It pisses people off so much. Then during events when you're trying to farm things, generally most people will be polite and stay out of your farming territory. What do BRs do? Farm the place even when you ask politely for them to move. Not even the global--pardon my language--"f*** off" translates. So yes, they are a BIG problem. You can't coordinate anything. That isn't to say they are all bad. I met one really nice BR in a dungeon. We talked and it was a lot of fun. Even she acknowledged how irritating the other Brazilians were. When we got a Brazilian tank, and she talked to her--well even then we ended up failing it. Exclusively to Blade and Soul, I heard a FB group of BRs were thinking of making Jiwan their hub, but then changed their mind and went to another one. I know people have cool BR friends, but you cannot judge an entire country on the minority. If there were ways to weed the toxic BRs out, sure, most don't care, but the problem is, there isn't. The rest have to suffer, but it's not like BnS is the only game they have to play. Even if there wasn't the issue of translation, if BRs actively tried to be courteous or used general observation skills, there would be a lot less issues. Next to elitist bullies, BRs can be some of the biggest trolls. People don't hate them for nothing. Minimally, I still think they need their own server if you really want to argue them having "every human right to play the game", despite it being called an "NA" and "EU" release. Last topic, RP. I have no clue what you have against us roleplayers, but honesty we keep to ourselves. What most people hate is specifically "ERP (Erotic Roleplay)", but many serious roleplayers condone doing that in public, as it's treated the same as real life in that aspect. If you really hate seeing RP, then just change channels. The RP community in BnS is small. Rather than waste your energy complaining about people improving their writing skills, use those protests to fight against a bigger issue, the spammers. If I had to rank the "issues" many people complain about, it would be: Gold spammers BRs Roleplay I still defend the latter to not being an issue at all though. You see, if you dress up your character, give him/her a different look, a different name, you're already roleplaying. Every time you pretend to be someone or something you are not, it is still a form of roleplay.