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  1. ... and that's pretty much the best roll of 100 keys I did >.> I picked the Gem, but darn... that's also the best rate for Stinger too (after that, Stingers are 1, 3, 5, and 10) ><' In fact, too many good stuffs in THAT ONE ROLL! I did not get that much better rolls on most others. I got 100 Soulstones for 10s, both costumes (in 83 keys), and Ruby Gem too (I got that Sapphire gem again, but I opt and pick something else, since I can't trade it...) At least, costumes are done. I got best roll on Yeti 7, except the darn stat is 125 Defense instead o
  2. Hard to decide... Is this gem worth 10G... or I should get Stinger... or Naryu... or even Moonstone?! Element of Luck even?!
  3. I do think Master's Pack costumes (Transcendence) should be free to trade between chars in same account WITHOUT ANY STAMP! I remembered I can transfer between characters before this... why it stucks now?! https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/3pyssi/masters_pack_costumes/ This is getting ridiculous >.> -Pan2020
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