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  1. ... and that's pretty much the best roll of 100 keys I did >.> I picked the Gem, but darn... that's also the best rate for Stinger too (after that, Stingers are 1, 3, 5, and 10) ><' In fact, too many good stuffs in THAT ONE ROLL! I did not get that much better rolls on most others. I got 100 Soulstones for 10s, both costumes (in 83 keys), and Ruby Gem too (I got that Sapphire gem again, but I opt and pick something else, since I can't trade it...) At least, costumes are done. I got best roll on Yeti 7, except the darn stat is 125 Defense instead of 125 Accuracy ><' Seriously though... this event is sadly wackless without open to 8 slots. The rest after roll is all on luck. I know some players got mad lucky on first roll... Like 100 Gold Ingots for 10s! (Well, I got Ingots here and there, but highest was 10 at best... GG)
  2. Hard to decide... Is this gem worth 10G... or I should get Stinger... or Naryu... or even Moonstone?! Element of Luck even?!
  3. Wardrobe question

    "Bound to Account" is the keyword for mailable between characters. Sadly though, not all gears that suppose to be shareable are working yet... =.=
  4. Foul Mouthed Granny

    I uploaded mine last night lol I'm like so many beeping!! Like, seriously wth!? I can't stop laughing at finishing sentence (literary cussing all the way)... and how sound not match text! Beep beep beep *cricket* P.S. I wonder what did character said for "****!" lol
  5. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    I do think Master's Pack costumes (Transcendence) should be free to trade between chars in same account WITHOUT ANY STAMP! I remembered I can transfer between characters before this... why it stucks now?! This is getting ridiculous >.> -Pan2020
  6. Hongmoon Black Feather

    I know it may sound silly question, but... Do I get Hongmoon Black Feather ONLY ONCE per account, right? (For example, I bought 30-day, got feather, canceled.... if I done it again, I will get +30 days on premium, but do I will get feather for 2nd one or not here?!) -> Have 400+ days Premium due to Master Pack + 365 Days (Prepaid) + this =.=