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  1. BOTS OF SOUL!!!

    I like that you made two threads, it really shows that bots can be upsetting.
  2. 2K NCoin Outfit

    I just don't get it. Ncsoft puts rng boxes in the cash shop flood of people *cricket* and say they would even pay 50 dollars for a costume, they would not mind the higher price. Then they take the boxes away, up the price and people *cricket* about that too. They also released a nice costume for 1k ncoin on the market, you don't have to buy the v-day one.
  3. Censorship question

    I don't think any of the outfits are censored. Don't know about text or cut-scenes.
  4. NCSoft does not know what they are *cricket*ing doing!

    Breathe. How can you compare KFM to Destroyer in terms of pvp? Big difference in skill to spin to win.
  5. HATE THE 10/02/16 UPDATE!

    Yeah I dont get how its anyone's fault you people started late or didn't buy premium.
  6. We ARE getting v-day stuff!

    I'm wondering what the showgirl outfit will be, maybe the rest of the bunny suit?
  7. We ARE getting v-day stuff!

    Oh, my god I love you and that twitter person who asked. SO much.
  8. We ARE getting v-day stuff!

    Im so excited for the outfit. Not excited for how it might be sold. They can't even confirm it will be in the shop as a single item..if its rng boxed I'll just be so disappointed. If it's quest based, then that's fine too. A little holiday fun is no issue.
  9. Sorry people are preventing you from hitting tab.
  10. Will you quit B&S IF

    If its the new sexy and adorable valentines outfit in a rng box I'm done.
  11. Im all for not having a cash shop. Just link up your fat bank account and pay for everything. Since you seem so smart on how business not charging for a monthly subscriptions can make money.
  12. Oh please dont let the valentine's costume be rng boxes.
  13. New Class in BnS?

    Forget that crap. Yun should of gotten a locked class like the rest of them.