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  1. You may have seen frequent posts about accounts being hacked and many of you would accuse them of using 3rd party programs or gold buying etc. However I would just like to point out that it isn't really that hard to access someone's account. First of all, your 2-step verification is useless as according to the links above, if a hacker can access your account, they can change YOUR email to THEIRS without verification from the previous email. Following that, they can also disable your 2-step verification as it now asks for confirmation from your new email. There is also something called a DROWN attack but you should read it yourself as I'm bad at explaining. The only thing stopping hackers is your password and ip verification. Passwords can be brute forced or spoofed. The only thing stopping these hackers is the IP verification. But if hackers do get inside your account they can even disable the ip-verification and see all your details including address and phone numbers. So what did we learn today? Set up a good password and enable IP verification, ordinary hackers cannot bypass the latter. Also don't download 3rd party software or try to buy gold, these are still contributors to accounts being hacked.
  2. I can't find them anymore on the marketplace, are they removed from the game?
  3. Mushin whispering me to buy gold

    Hey wasn't there a guy from a previous post a few days ago about his his name got changed because there was a mod called Mushin or something. I guess gold farmers took that name lol.
  4. Hello, I usually get 180 ping from my place in the world to the NA servers, this combined with the poor optimization of the game makes it nearly impossible to use ss to dodge blackwyrm's roar. However I have found a way to time blackwyrm's roar in game without using any external add-ons or a timer. Blackwyrm roars around every 22 seconds give or take. It'll take you about 2-3 seconds to walk out of the roar range if you ss depending if you're melee or ranged. This is where the technique begins, I'm playing summoner so I'll be using it as an example. My two F abilities; the flower healing aoe thingy that got nerfed, and the thrown spike ground aoe thing that combos with the former if spec'd. They both have a cool down of 18 seconds. It takes around 1-2 to run towards blackwyrm from further than his roar's range. So I run up to blackwyrm and use my F ability. Once I cast it you can see the cooldown on the UI. Since it has an 18 second cooldown, I know I can keep dpsing him until there is about 1-2 seconds left on the CD before I know I need to back off. I usually ss at around four seconds remaining incase I get grabbed by blackwyrm. Now by the time my skill comes back up, blackwyrm would just about to roar and I'll be out of range. After he roars I run in again and continue the pattern. Flow of events: Start at first observed roar, run in, 1 second has passed, Use skill, skill goes on cd, skills then comes back up and 19-20 seconds have passed total, run for your life, around 21 seconds have passed, watch your teammates die at the 22 second mark, run in again. Also don't be afraid to buy misty wood keys off the market, Weekend Blackwyrm's Loot gives 10 soulstones and 3 soulstones will cover the cost of two keys. You could also get blackwyrm's claw which is every level capped character's fantasy or some attack power hybrid gems which can net you a couple hundred gold. Also, PLEASE don't use your cat to tank blackwyrm, it makes him angrier and he roars more often which also makes my method redundant.
  5. Can anyone give me advice on what to spec or how to play for in order to stand a chance against assassins. No matter if I spec into my pet or my skills the assassin just counters and stealths and I watch my HP bar disappear. I know people say summoner doesn't require skill but if anything, it'll take skills for ANY class to beat their counters.