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  1. You need more than 2 poches to unlock next slot. It was prolly 8 or something?
  2. F2P game that requires xbox live sub to even play online + optional premium sub. Overkilllllll.
  3. There are no "bad" classes in this game. Some of them are harder to play at the moment or require a little more effort to win, but by no means they are "bad". Also keep in mind that some things will change with patches and expansion and game strives for best possible class balance. If i am not mistaken we are a little behind with recent changes compared to KR so things will be a little more tuned in future anyway. My advice is to play whatever You like and enjoy the most. Do not look what is bad or good, just try to master Your current class and i am sure You will do pretty go
  4. I don't want to sound rude but You want to "fix" and bend the game to Your likings. Many people including me love actual combat system and i find it the best of all the MMO's i have played in my life. The game is pretty old too so there won't be any changes and it won't ever happen anyway. So its either adapt to it or go back to game You like/search for something else.
  5. I was wondering, why Duelist Bundle is so expensive? What is in it that makes it worth 2700 NCoins? 30-day premium is about 1,000 coins. There is a soup for increased experience which isnt such a deal breaker for me. Training expansion ticket for extra tab - not bad but still not worth those extra 1700 points. So the last things that are left our are those keys, brilliant viridian key and brilliant cinderlands keys. The question is are they really worth so much? What is the advantage of having those keys? Is it hard to find them as F2P player? What are they useful
  6. If someone is too lazy to even read how system works or that You can change the rules as a leader...and then You pick a forum name as "whyileftthisgame" then by all means, please leave. I prefer to play with quality people and thankfully there are lots of great folks in B&S so far.
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