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  1. Got banned this morning. What a joke.

    I am an aspiring programmer so with all due respect, sir, when you (as a player) discover a bug, you are supposed to report it and not exploit it just because a programmer made a mistake and come clean. You cannot come clean for exploiting anything or anyone for their mistakes.
  2. Best Starter Classes

    Lol. With house cat mine never dies on field bosses. And many players are attacking the boss nit just your cat. Congratulations your effort to insult me dint work.
  3. Forced to PVP

    In all the games I played I always disliked pvp so I dont do it. I am more of a mediocre endgame player who loves endgame PVE and dislikes PVP. But I was forced to PVP in BnS and surprisingly I am enjoying every win and lose I experienced. Try the PVP once you hit 45 it might make you love it especially the team tag with friends. What I really feel lacking with this game (aside from banning hackers, bots, and spammers) is VOIP. It would be nice to communicate with your random tag teammate via voice for interference. Nevertheless, give BnS' PvP a chance - try it.
  4. Best Starter Classes

    choose summoner. you can let the cat attack on field bosses while you afk lol.
  5. Valntines event Red Roses last day quest?!

    Wow I didnt know the quest was not til March 1 good thing I crafted mine an hour ago.
  6. Not enough players? Can't find a party

    IDK but I and my friends didn't bother that dungeon we just bought the weapon we need from there. Maybe a lot of people are skipping that dun because it is painfully slow.
  7. Is it legal to purchase NCoins from Offgamers?

    Its legal I bought 2x last month but it didnt unlock my mail so I eventually bought through the game's f10 and got it unlocked with just a $5 top-up.
  8. I would pay to get rid of bot... 29.99$

    afaik even asian servers got bots. i say we enjoy this game while it lasts.
  9. Once again, game in emergency

    i agree. I myself always leave the party if there is a bot ang 80% of the time it has one -.-
  10. Real money blockade

    How do i not run out of time on 7th flr? It's always at 40% when time hits zero and he evades my attacks after. I got an awakened staff 5 and awakened infernal accessories..
  11. my bank

    It is account-wide. All your characters can mail.
  12. The RNG is beyond rigged

    He will come after 3 days.
  13. I say it should be competitive with the gold spammers' prices to discourage people buying from them.