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  1. I finish 2 duels then all a sudden my pc also restarted on me, and only played like 20 min from the game, I know my pc will restart if i over power my processor but to consume that much, when only BNS consume 50--60% with 3G almost ram, + the new "GameGuard" another 20-30% processor, yea over heat processor.
  2. U forgot to say that this new program, also consume a lot from the processor, i had task manager open and saw it consume 20-30% from my processor when it opens didn't check when i play how much it still consume, but at start to jump at 20-30% to open it and run at that process, not a good sigh
  3. can't u do it from ur e-mail? to recover ur google authenticator, it must let u try
  4. I didn't Alt+Tab or stream it at all i I let it there to load with out to do something else.
  5. Hy, I also got the loading screen bug, I went at the portal from Mushing Tower that Yura made for me, after I entered the portal I was stuck at 90% loading then stayed there like 10 min and did not load at all, after that error stop game. Also the same problem when I want to enter the HM training zone (loading stop at 90% then error after a amount of time), but at the HM training zone didn't teleport me at all in that place so I can enter my char back and do something else, but the other char I went at Yura portal at Mushing Tower remained stuck in that portal, I tried repair files 2 times no
  6. also the same problem, hate it every time something happens when they do maintenance or upgrade, i think better do maintenance only after they did a upgrade not every freak week
  7. ooo sry i didn't go in the new region yet still trying to upgrade my gear, i had a good time yesterday
  8. Same here also, Disconnected from Server.(2000)(132,10054) after I put my 6 digit code, yesterday was working fine but this morning no more, hate all time problems comes, no way u can play more then 1-2 week's with no problem
  9. I'm not a donator, but I don't like it when almost all the time there are bugs and errors all the time, 3 days ago I could do cross-over dungeons the next day enter cross-over dungeon in less then 1 min disconnect, then can't see anything at market, no info view also at other players, error's after error's, NcLauncher also don't work, reinstalled all again error after that can't enter no more. The game is very good but the bugs and error's are something that must not be this often, almost one after other. I will leave this game until they will make it finally fixed.
  10. same here, but what i hate most the bugs and error's are still on and that *cricket*-off a lot of players, I'm one of those also, want the bugs first time repaired.
  11. I use the Bypass cos when I try to log in with the Launcher every time over 99% every time no response it just close and it don't continue the launcher. If anyone has a way to fix the Launcher to work please tell me. I'm sick of trying like over 30-40 times with normal way to open the launcher also with Run as administrator, also close my antivirus and it just close. with the task manager open to check after the launcher every time it close nothing new appear.
  12. i deleted all files also the NCWest also now i can't get it back at all, cos i don't have that file now the NClauncher don't work at all now :(
  13. the disconnect gives me after i place my PIN also
  14. Hi guys. Can anyone help me out with that this means and also i try to upgrade my game, but now even my NCLauncher don't work also, now 3 day's ago i could play with no problem but, after the upgrade they made i can't even download nothing from them. Win 7 have.
  15. i made my PIN to come at phone, only open the Authentication, i scaned the QC from Ncsoft from my page and then i had my PIN all times on my phone it resets codes every min, no email check, only by phone
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