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  1. OMG Thank you for saying exactly what was on my mind. Well I mean I don't have your credentials but I am as well disappointed that lots of clearly open spaces are blocked by invisible walls and that there is this kind of "janky" feel to the movement at times. I'm sure this can be remedied... especially with all the money people are throwing at these guys now... SPEND SOME OF IT on us, please... I mean, go buy a new yacht by all means but please... save some for the people who helped you get that yacht in the first place. Oh and no running over reefs, please.
  2. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    Ok I laughed. I'm just imagining the next hairstyles to show up in the cash shop: Split Ends (sounds cool actually... the name, i mean) or Bleach-burned Scalp
  3. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    I agree completely. As it is now, they should've just covered it completely. Would've been simple. I don't get it because they normally have amazing art direction on all their models. Considering this is Cash Shop item, I think they should at least make it look decent. I mean, they have a zoom function specifically in this MMO as a unique feature... One can hope.
  4. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    Yup. Looks totally legit.
  5. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    I have long hair, I would know. Mine goes down to my waist. It does not do that when I part it lol. Nor does anyone else that I konw.
  6. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    I think you nailed it. She knows she is too young to be balding already and is now ready to take her anger out on the world. Someone get her some Propecia, stat!
  7. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    I'm not making any mountains... And like I said to the other guy, in 2D renderings it works but it doesn't translate to 3D very well. Maybe it's not a big deal to you, but it is to me and others so I'm directing this towards those types of people. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill buddy.
  8. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    Those don't look even close to as bad as the pic I posted. I see what you are saying but this 2D Rendering has gradients that smooth out the edges on the 2 guys who might look like they have a bald spot. In 3D it doesn't translate, and I'm sure it wasn't intentional to mimic the style. IF it was, it was terribly done...
  9. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    Oh, well then join me in my chorus of anger at the 600 NCoin I could've spent on more bags.
  10. PSA: The New Hairstyle is Broken

    You don't have to care about cosmetics. Other people do. People are different. Woahhhh..... mind blown.
  11. I paid 600 NCoin just to have my Gon female grow a lightning shaped bald spot. Thanks a lot NCSoft. You guys sure know how to make people want to continue purchasing your high quality digital items. This is a PSA to help others who might care about this sort of thing before purchasing.
  12. What kind of company

    Well I sent it. I get that they might be swamped with requests but I mean when it comes to things like NCoin, I feel this should be a priority and people shouldn't be given fake time estimates. If the estimate is mistaken, then at least some kind of new timeframe would help put minds like my own at ease. Instead I get this hamfisted response asking for my order number... AGAIN after I had ALREADY provided it in my original support ticket. I'm just at my wits end, I guess. Just venting on forums now fml...
  13. Well basically all the white knights were like, "FINE LEAVE... no one is going to miss you..." And so everyone left. Then Wildstar died. Now it's F2P and still dead. LOL.
  14. What kind of company

    Promises 2 hours: " Bob Today at 00:09 Hello We experienced a temporary outage that prevented the NCoin you purchased from being delivered to your account. The problem has been fixed and we have started distributing the NCoin to all accounts. However, it might take a while for the NCoin to show up in your account. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working hard to get you your NCoin as soon as possible and expect it to show up in your account within the next 2 hours. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know. Best regards, Bob NCSOFT Support Team Then totally leaves the customer hanging after 24 hours pass? You would think this makes people nervous... like, hey we lost your money but you can expect it back in 2 hours. If not, then don't expect to hear from us about it? What kind of expletive attitude is that? I was willing to support NCSoft at first but I'm starting to shift my opinion based on recent events. EDIT: I should mention I've messaged them numerous times already. Yeap, you know the answer already: NO RESPONSE EDIT 2: Turns out this may be a glitch so I'm keeping fingers crossed. If so, then maybe this is just one that fell through the cracks. Going to give NCSoft the benefit of the doubt here...
  15. Haha, I remember hearing the same exact thing on Wildstar Online's forums. Guess how that one is doing now?