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  1. I made a costume for the contest, but the button to submit the costume leads me to an empty google chrome page.
  2. At the moment I have my weapon at oatbreaker stage 5, my all my accesory at awakened infernal max. I can do the story and then upgrade my accesories? But how do I get soulstones, as you need them for the upgrade
  3. do I need to eveolve my accesories to siren before starting silverfrost? and how do I do that? going trough blackram supplychain 6-man?
  4. How do I get soulstones to evolve my equipment at lvl 45?
  5. Can someone make clear for me how the new weapon path goes and how the new accesory path goes?
  6. Where on the screen can you see your chi level. I have my kingfist but I can never use it. Why is that? its weird
  7. On my previous character I got free gem slots after a certain level, now I'm leveling my forcemaster and at lvl 30 I still have one open slot. Is something wrong or dit NCsoft change it?
  8. The only reason I returned to this game is for soulfighter.... well so be it then
  9. I thought it was only if you have a lvl 45 character already
  10. well both japan and korea had this so I thought maybe NCWEST would also be so generous... but sadly my dreams are shattered... I'm crying now
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