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  1. Apparently, you have to download & install BOTH installers, because for some reason they expect you to already have the nclauncher installed, but they don't tell you to install it before you install bns? It's silly that this isn't mentioned anywhere.
  2. Constant crashing since the update

    I think it might be area-related! I went back to Songshu Isle to farm that outfit & it crashed again! And this was after several hours of the game running fine.
  3. Constant crashing since the update

    I can also confirm this. Random crashes all over the place, especially in Songshu Isle.
  4. Increase the slots of servers, NCSoft!

    Bots are people too! I think...maybe?!
  5. Soooooo.....anyone else bored already?

    Well, move on, then? No need to make a thread about it.
  6. Soooooo.....anyone else bored already?

    You're not even past the tutorial at level 13.
  7. Why only two character slots, AND...

    Yeah, the 2 character restriction is definitely a hindrance. While I don't think the character expansions are overpriced in any way (they seem to be around 5 bucks?), I think it's actually a hindrance because it's not exclusive to whatever server you choose, it's two character across ALL servers. I can't recall coming across a game so restricted like that (TERA starts off at 2 characters PER server), and makes me wonder if the game just doesn't have that much content, even though it took 4 years to get here.