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  1. Losing Gem Socket when upgrading to oathbreaker!

    hopefully some of the mod or dev reply to this!
  2. Losing Gem Socket when upgrading to oathbreaker!

    This is not true, you have to kick your gems out to level the weapon or else it doesn't even allow me to evolve my weapon. Then after it evolve it eat one of my socket, which sucks! About having 4th slot is a different thing, i think most of us that open sockets knew that we will get it later or think we may not and make a decision to have it open when its was cheaper. Thats our decision but taking away our socket without explaining and not part of the norm systems is really underhanded.
  3. @Hime @Rukkirii This is utterly bullshit! Why do i lose my existing socket when upgrading my weapon from true profane to oathbreaker. Is this ncsoft way of milking us for stuff with already had by taking away thing we had. Now i have to pay 5 gem hammer and extra gold to get my 4th slot back, this is retard move on ncsoft.
  4. How to farm gold as a warlock

    sadly most warlock won't be able to do that, and their dmg without OP's gear will do pathetic dps together with the fact that bsh book is so good that it will at least improve warlock dps btw nice music, can i know whos the artist!
  5. Warlock Damage Test (full geared)

    @Arcteren Not even the twins?
  6. Warlock Damage Test (full geared)

    @Arcteren Don't you find that shadow lock kinda suck vs target that moves a lot, disappear a lot and jumps a lot? i find that if the target are those, its so hard to hit your v and you lose so much dps as you dont have your 4 and f. It make me feel like a pseudo melee class instead of a range class. Ice on the other hand feel good against target that move or don't move. The only draw back is that you are stationary and if fight requires movement or kiting, hence you lose a lot of dps.
  7. Warlock Damage Test (full geared)

    @Arcteren why didn't your combo include 6 helixes if you have the bsh skill book. Doing v-4-f-4-4-f-4-4-f-4? since on crit return 2 spectral orb and with f you gain 1 where you can spam helix again if your quick enough. Although this combo won't be consistent if you don't crit on 4 but this will give the best dps.
  8. Temptation outfit.

    damn strip undies, it so weird color coordination.
  9. Warlock Damage Test (full geared)

    i realize that warlock dps is so bad when doing tower, my kfm with worst gear can beat all the bosses at reasonable rate and not take too much dmg till junghado. My warlock yesterday barely kill 5th floor boss before he enrage and i have better gear and crit rate when my kfm did it back then. Shadow build although mobile really suck at dps if you miss any of your skill and if ping hit you hard. If you don't have bsh skill book your dps is crap as you cannot double spam 4 when v hits. For ice, you are sitting duck most of the time waiting for your cast to finish and there not way for you to do that when you solo and the boss is hitting you 5-6k per pop.
  10. Temptation outfit.

    I got my warlock to 45 on monday but i didn't get my costume with the patch today nor the reward that suppose to come with it.
  11. WTF with Dimensional Volly

    It easily double spam R/LB during dimensional charge but during dimensional Salvo it hang for a few sec and sometimes don't even want to go off. After Salvo happen the same thing where it hang for easily a sec and dont want to fire off the volley. This skill is so buggy, i don't know what the fk is this, its like it waiting for the fking server to tell it that hey you still can fire Salvo or not.
  12. Still no weapon, damn this. NCwest is really making this rng thingy too far just to force us to buy keys! Now i really feel like dropping this shitty game, felt like wasted my cash on this shit! rank 7 premium but rng and benefit is shit like no other.(on hujikar, wait till i get to profane!)
  13. What the easiest and fastest class to lvl to 45?

    cool, i also heard similar experiences, but what about destroyers vs summoners?
  14. What the easiest and fastest class to lvl to 45?

    i already making a lock as my second main, dont really want another lock. Have KFM as a main but it the slowest lvling class i ever played
  15. I not really fond of making too many alt and playing the same stuff again, but i really do want an extra costume for my KFM. So what would be the easiest class to breeze throught 1-45 content?