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  1. Thank you for your support and please kindly share with your friends too.
  2. True, you should have explained this earlier with your idea. This was a great idea, it provides to those who do not own or owned a "The Founder" title to have a special title through achievement points.
  3. Well, this is irrelevant to my post. However, you can try to create a new post in this forum for recommending these changes.
  4. Thanks for your support of the idea and please kindly share with your friends too,
  5. "different color and a bit better lettering" I like your idea though.
  6. Well, you can recommend this idea by using a new post.
  7. I didn't ask them for shiny, the redesign is up for the developer. As long as they design something nice. You can also recommend your idea of the design for the title here if you like to.
  8. Thank you and Kindly help spread this idea to other players (NA or EU) to react to this post.
  9. I would like to recommend to redesign of the title called "The Founder" to make it more presentable because of this title are given to those who purchased the bundle when the BnS first launch in western (supporting the BnS when it first launches). Currently, there are two title that looks more attractive (Sapphire Flyer and Eagle Eye) than the founder title. I strongly believe that the title design should be matched up with the meaning of the title. In addition, I have collected some idea through the comment. To those who do not own or owned "The Founder" title can also benefit th
  10. It is because of your negligence my friends decided to quit, so I decided to temporarily stay away from this game even I am not being involved in this bitter event. Hopefully, you can sustain this game with your own. If you are not taking part of the game you will never understand the feeling of both parties (the player who spend and the player who played for free), and if you tend to satisfy either one party this will eventually damage your company reputation. It is easy to solve this dilemma just satisfied both parties. I know removal of those items are fair to those F2P and it is unavoidabl
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