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  1. Bots who farm Quartz

    I've also wondered what methods could be used to combat bots and gold sellers so I'll give a few ideas I've had maybe good, maybe bad lol. Crafting collectibles/items should respawn in different areas not in fixed locations. Crafting resources should be set as collectible per each character a certain amount per day. Or add bonus daily quests which reward crafting items. Instead of addressing farming, make it obsolete by making resources more obtainable to all but with some work. Region/normal chat or any channel easily accessible by spammers- set a maximum # of chat per certain amount of time. Add a new pvp feature based on time played. Make all costumes markable for pvp every hour of character log in unless character answers a short "yes" or "no" pop up warning which will last a good 5 minutes to give time to answer. This will make bots flagged for pvp and killable. Make dungeons a set number of runs per day per character to avoid bot farming of dungeons. More runs can be done via dungeon tickets acquired through questing or rewards good for one day only. Free up mail to ALL players after certain level achieved, say level 20. Or make mailing between characters on each account possible. They are hurting regular players and forcing them to go to the auction house controlled mostly by gold sellers and farmers. Nevertheless, I have my doubts NCsoft will address these problems. It's all about the money and they are certainly getting a lot of money from the gold sellers who buy premium services not to mention the regular customers who feel they need to pay in order to play to overcome such obstacles. In the end, I feel the real fix will come when so many players leave, the game hype dies out and the gold sellers and botters have little incentive to stay thus moving on to a new game.
  2. Ok so I found out why. Maybe it will change if they get more license later. Anyway, they do have open releases for Russia and Korea. This is just the character creation tool itself for now. Or can maybe access via VPN or an alternate download. Dunno. A lot of people don't even want to play the game lol just mess with the character creation tool :D Dear players, To answer your inquiry about the IP block of areas outside our territory license agreement with Pearl Abyss, we’d like to give a proper statement about this matter. As our Terms of Service point out, our territory license agreement with the developer Pearl Abyss is limited to the following areas: Europe Excluding Turkey and part of Russia North America Canada Mexico United States of America In other words we will not provide service to players outside of our territory. Pearl Abyss hinted their interest in targeting markets such as Turkey, South America or any other region outside of our service territory via different channels. Therefore opening those markets to Daum Games Europe, means a conflict of interest with Pearl Abyss. We do not have any information about their concrete plans at the moment. We recommend to wait for further news in the future or to contact Pearl Abyss through their website. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards - Black Desert Online Team -
  3. hmmm, well I know that's for the NA release coming later this year...maybe restriction because its already available in other countries? not sure :/ I know it's in Korea and open beta for Russia was October 2015...not sure elsewhere.
  4. I think it's ok to post this since the game isn't out yet, so no competition lol. Something to do during downtime is to play with the character creation tool released to the public for the game Black Desert Online. I love in depth character creation tools and can spends hours in character creation so thought I'd share ;)
  5. 7 Days to delete a character!?

    7 days is excessive, something more like 3 days would serve the same purpose. Most are also forgetting accounts are tied to some benefits such as premium or things already bought from the store being held in account mail. Also, accounts which have had NCoin charged either through start up package or through transaction is the only way to unlock the mail system for trading and mailing. The only other option is to buy more character slots to use the same account. It's a stand off, either fork up the money or wait or you leave (which they don't want you to do)
  6. Please add the newest servers to the clan recruitment section, thanks :)
  7. Tip: Even though it says level 1-10 only. I had two left in my inventory at level 15 and they repaired my weapon. Don't delete or sell them ;)
  8. Forum Guilds section

    Wasn't sure where to put this, not a bug but there wasn't just a support section. Anyway, I noticed that the new servers do not have any sections added to the guild recruitment section. Can you please add those new server sections so that we might be able to see recruiting guilds or add some? Thank you! :)
  9. What's your number game

    what's your que number at this moment? :D #961 after 2 and half hours...mildly excited because it's under a grand now!
  10. A thread not about que times lol

    I'm currently on Poharan (think i spelled it right?) But I'm waiting in que to probably delete and start over on a less populated server since my characters are still in their teens. Even though I had head start, I took my time to enjoy the story and follow guides and tutorials. usually if I go through the game like that I'll remember everything about it lol So it won't take me near as long to get back to where I left off. Anyway, I do hope that since the warlock items are already in the game it's just a matter of short time before they make the class available. My concern is that end game and high level, would really hate for some very nice Warlock item to roll out instead of something we can use or sell. I suppose we can always stash and save it for later when it comes out!
  11. A thread not about que times lol

    you also said "and resources to achieve it"...hence my reply :) you seem tense, are you mad about que? :D if so, I can sympathize
  12. A thread not about que times lol

    Actually riknav, I DID used it for evolving and know very well about it lol There are a great deal of other class weapons that drop for use as well so I'd say resources are plentiful for evolution. It does not explain at all why exclusive weapons for a class that isn't even available yet is already in the game. I was merely curious to know why items for the class are already implemented into the game while the class itself is not available. I thought maybe someone knew a secret I did not. I hope Ephemiel is correct :D
  13. So while waiting and thinking back on the time I DID get in to actually play some, I remember something that kinda bugged me. I opened up one of my chests with a key and lo' and behold a blue weapon for....WARLOCK Why on earth are we getting weapons for a class that isn't even available in the game yet and no telling when it will be? :D
  14. So, as with many I'm stuck waiting for hours in log in que lol. Even though I had head start, my two characters are not far in level, only 12 and 17 right now. Mainly because I've been enjoying the game, taking my time and learning/reading guides and tutorials as I go. Also spent forever in the creation tool lol. Anyway, I am not so far progressed as to mind restarting my characters. Does anyone know which servers currently have the lowest populations and que times? Either NA or EU, doesn't matter to me much really at the moment. Just want to actually play the game. Meanwhile, I'm reading a good book and eating leftover Christmas candy while waiting to get in just to delete my chars and start over hopefully in a small server :D