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  1. A little amused at someone claiming to have left 2 years ago when the US and EU game release hasn't even reached it's second anniversary from CBT (10/29/15), let alone Release (1/29/16). In a recent patch, they completely got rid of the world crafting mat nodes, and have completely revamped the way crafting works. The mat farming guilds are ALL gone, as is one of the crafting guilds, and in return each of the revamped crafting guilds has it's own built in, unique crafting mats that are ordered through that guild (for gold, the longer the window of time for the order{usually only hours at most for a minimum order, 4 days for max}, the more mats it returns). You now have 3 slots, which can be split up between any three crafting or material farming jobs. Outside of those mats, there is one uniquely crafting item that can normally only be randomly gotten from dungeon reward boxes that must be opened with a key unique to each crafting guild (though ANY of the crafting guild keys can open the box, the key determines what the level 1-3 crafting mats come out as, the unique level 4 mat, "Rare element" is universal to all the crafting guild recipes). Sadly, crafting isn't really lucrative at the moment. Smurfing is a non issue in pvp because there's almost nothing equipment-wise you can mail to your own account alts, let alone other accounts. Hongmoon gems are the only real exception now, as they're cheap to mail, but not gamebreaking, as only zone or battlegrounds PvP cares about equips, and both are pretty much endgame. Bots are mostly a non-issue, but they'll always pop up in 1v1 when you least want to experience it, though as significan;ty lower rates than in the first 6 months to a year of the game.. Sadly, the Tower of Infinity, which is essentially a Player vs official Bot tower, cheats out of its ass, and is needed for one of the two badge types ><. Level cap is only at 50 Hongmoon 20, while KR at least is 55. and a ton of PvE skills are still mostly locked behind pvp because the PvE drop rates are just that bad. Server populations have dropped so much that we're down to only 2 servers.
  2. In attempting to join Cold Storage on the cross server today, it had me join an "in-progress" group that had already Wintermane and were instead staring at the secondary summon area. they did not do so, and the party collapsed. i left and once again attempted to join a Cold storage party, Every new attempt to do so put me back into that partially completed instance. On the fourth attempt, the group actually summoned Kaari and killed it, but now i can't go back in to kill Wintermane for the quest i went in there for in the first place.
  3. Is it really unbalanced?

    If you are in arena before hitting 50 (not touching the HM discrepancies) then that's your problem for choosing to walk into a battle underarmed, it's on you, not your opponent. If you're doing it post at 50+HMs theres not really much that CAN even be done, sadly.
  4. without looking, it's likely you have no attack gem, and didn't upgrade your accessories past infernal. using the highest level accessory drops doesn't get close to making up for that loss, especially from additional crit damage more than just missing AP.
  5. Summoners so bad @ yeti

    Congrats Skooby, you are in fact part of the 1% of PvE competent Summoners. I just wish there were more of you.
  6. Yeah, this is about as far from a bug as is actually possible. When you go into cross server, you are technically LOGGING OUT of your main server to go to the cross server hub, same if you go to arena. that kind of information is never kept past your current logon or it'd waste server space/bandwidth for no reason.
  7. considering the onlydiamond gem that sells at any level are the +attack power diamonds, i don't think your inability to pull the crap ones is actually considered unlucky at all I, on the other hand, have never pulled the attack power gems i need to use at all, and am forever getting evasion instead.
  8. Naryu Lab dungeon

    Not just post-silverfrost patch. even before that Naryu's been notorious for mass d/cs on the third floor at just about any time, but more so during the Fuujin+Raijin combo attack, when you can watch the fps plummet from a flat 60 all the way down to one on good machines, randomly, and inconsistently.
  9. Title says it all. Please add this to the list of known issues. The outift "Traveler", purchased from the Hongmoon store cannot be stored in the clothing wardrobe.
  10. what way to start a new daily dash

    as a f2p, that means you get 44 rolls.It only requires an average roll of what, 2.2 to overshoot?. Sure a couple people will get REALLY unlucky and miss out, but look at it from the opposite perspective for someone with a subscription. They now have 66 rolls for ONLY 100 steps. And as someone who did the first one on both a sub and an unsub acct, failing to complete this is almost impossible for the unsub, and IS impossible for the sub, And then there's the actual results: I rolled three times today, and went 13 steps on day 1. I might be done next week at this pace, then get to twiddle my thumbs for almost a month.
  11. Because you removed the ability to kick players from the blue dungeons, we no longer have any ability to deal with the now unending flood of axe-bots showing up in them, and stealing time and gold from the players actually participating. my last two attempts at Brightstone and Ogong, had three, and then FOUR axe bots in the parties, reporting appears to be doing nothing, as they are getting all the way to 45 and participating in dungeons that should be requiring equipment checks of SOME kind, while equipped with the free starter hongmoon accessories, and a bought from the market (or just stockpiled and traded) lycan weapon. It was bad enough that you had to get into platinum just to escape the unending axe-bot waves in Arena (even though that just put you into KFM bot territory) Now we can't even do cross-server dungeon runs because every slot fills in with afking axe-bots (and sum bots). You cannot use Gameguard to protect the game from bots, as Gameguard is fully compromised from the start.
  12. ...that's because these are technically not the same item, sadly. of the siren necklace that comes from the bonus quest boxes and those that come from the boss drop tables, and those from the e-fleet, there's one version that isn't the same item before unsealing >< there's a pretty muuch identical issue with one of the pirate rings. In the original versions of this game, i believe boss drop purples were tradeable/marketable, which is what caused the issue once they stripped that functionality to screw the English players over.
  13. Really NCSoft?

    While it is possible to report players in the arena at any difficulty, it's remarkably difficult to do so, since mouse-clicking their avatar to get the dropdown menu is obstructed most of the time at the end of a match, and durng a match you have no chance unless you have a 5 seconds freeze skill hit you or them.
  14. HA! Considering the first step to using a bot in this game in first place is them sliding a .DLL file that shuts DOWN Gameguard, this isn't just laughable useless, its honestly worthless, and more proof of incompetence. If the game itself isn't doing the checks for keystroke violations, and it isn't, NOTHING IS.
  15. Practice Citrine bug

    ...if you had followed the quest-line, it should have self-destroyed automatically. after you turn in the unsocketing second part. have you done that yet?