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  1. Disable all health regeneration (including buffs, vampiric skills and heals) during pvp and you are right. Otherwise, 20% hp regen destroyers and 40% hp regen summoners will always win.
  2. No worries, they'll put them in new events & troves. And a couple of months later, they'll reduce the number of flowers required by half.
  3. Let me explain you what me and my other 45+ guildmates went through during 9 months of gameplay 1- A great number of players left within first week because it was so populated that you waited in queue for 15+ minutes ( at least 15 friends left becauseof that ) 2- Most of the remaining players left within 2nd-3rd month where they pumped a new content in every 2 weeks, they couldn't catch with it ( 10-12 friends left ) 3- Remaining players left because of ping issues (4-5 KFM and Assassin players left) 4- There are also lots of players who left because of RNG (4-5 including me) 5- Lat
  4. I exactly understand what you mean. Honestly, i quited 5-6 weeks ago but my friends told me that there was going to be a new skill update. So i've played for 2 weeks and got bored again. 3 days ago i invested all my gold in stingers/moonstones and tried 21 premium stones and got only 2, gave them to my guildmate and quit again :) ( such a great way to quit a game imo ) By the way, legendary neck farming is fair. What grinds my gears is the new legendary pets, pure pay 2 win barrier ( yes i know that you can farm gold and sell it for hm coins and buy pets etc. ) Anyway, good luck with oth
  5. Sorry, suggestion a solution doesn't solve the problem for NCsoft.
  6. If Desolate Tomb is too difficult for too little reward, then don't run it :) Don't worry, in a couple of months, they'll put it in Dragon Express for 200-300 Heavenly Energy.
  7. Kill the GM event = 50 people in 1 channel ; server crash, login server failed 10600, please try again later.
  8. I main Sin and it's a really fun class. With the recent skill update, it's much more easier to play; double cc and fast poison stack etc. I never used Bombard skill (RMB) up to now becuase it had low damage, but in this patch it deals around 22-25k crit damage. I use it in crowded placed like 2nd boss of Shattered Mast ( where you hit 2 adds and boss at the same time ). I tried summoner back then when we had 45 level patch, it's much more easier to play. It's basicly like assassin. Instead of stealth, you use taunt of cat. Some mobs see you in stealth, some others don't. Same goes for summo
  9. The awkward moment when you have 725 ap without spending a single dollar but people calling you whale or p2w ^^ Literally, not a single euro/dollar i've wasted in this game so far, i'm still premium rank 4 and i've been playing for 2-3 hours a day for the last 2 months. But i have a premade party with real life friends and we farm/craft together :)
  10. How many classes have knockup or pull ? Assassin's Turning Leaf doesn't work on Q and it's the only opener against a destroyer which you can resist easily by SS>C combination. Yeah, still spin 2 win :)
  11. No it doesn't. Go play C9 and you'll see what i mean. By the way, yes people still play Bns but it's not like those first days. Feels like 80% of them left.
  12. NCsoft always reduces upgrade cost for new players. Having a True Scorpion weapon was a luxary 2 months ago, now everybody has it, because they reduced upgrade materials required and their prices by adding new and easy ways of obtaining them. So in a couple of month i believe they'll reduce the cost of Silverfrost Premium Transformation Stones, then they'll remove the fail chance or maybe they could add a new but lesser legendary tier for new players.
  13. Imagine what would happen if they were to dps like a FM and resisted everything at the same time... Typhoon and Emberstomp give you nearly infinite resist to CC, so yes, Destroyer needs buff :) Edit : Forgot to mention ; Spin 2 Win :)
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