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  1. So im in plat right now and i hover around 1950-2010ish and for some reason im being matched with ppl in diamond constantly like over the course of mabye 20 mins ive been matched with 5 ppl in diamond so what i wanna know is is it just the matchmaking system just sucks or is there really no one in plat? NA btw

  2. Its insane for everyone not jus melee yes they have a harder time but honestly everyone is in the same boat mainly because of the framerate. Im an fm and i literally cant even see the att they do cause im at 5fps on min settings. Unless ofc u have like 30fps there  in which i envy u if thats the case dont spam ur atts do it in moderation and always keep a window in between skills where u can iframe ex> LB> wait 1s > rb> wait 1s> 2>wait 1s (maybe not 1s but u get da point) so u always have an option of a def skill and ur not actaully doing another skill when the aoe comes out and ur locked into dat skill. I still think 1. their atts are wayyyyy to fast and 2. THE GOD DANG FRAMERATE

  3. BNS is not optimized at all really most of the time in dungs i sit at like 20-30 frames on low setting when i should be at like 70-80+ on max settings. Things like grand harvest square are completely unplayable in its current state i get like 5fps MAX at them with a decent rig. Now from the net standpoint again not optimized so itll use a lot more then what it should. Basically the games running on old shite that is much less efficient then whats available now

  4. what is nc gonna do? make not taking ppl on pts a bannable offense? You know there is a reason why people advertise that high. If u ahve 400 apwr then u shouldent be it there hell ur barely at bsh at 400apwr forget yeti. Upgrade ur gear and stop trying to rush cause 1. ull die a lot 2. ppl wont take u on pts 3. if u do join a pt ull be getting hardcore carried and make it harder for everyone else.

    Only thing NC needs to do INCREASE the requirements for the dungs not help ppl get carried

  5. Best SS set atm right now i believe  is Yeti i have a sheet but dont know if i can share nor do i know if its 100% accurate cause ive seen some #s which didnt exist on it ingame although idk if those were infused.

     Here are the max rolls for HP and crit on there

          HP            Crit

    1 3320   98

    2 3480   98

    3 3640   102

    4  3800  07

    5 4100  271

    6 4110  271

    7 4430  292

    8 4590 303


  6. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but theres a very very very slim chance this will happen and a petition doesnt really do anything other then show NC how bad ppl want it which they are aware of. Example oceanic servers people wanted since release, people asked and asked and asked and the answer was and still is at this time:No. Again i dont want to sound like an @$$ but jus telling how it is, also if they can barely maintain 2 servers (which both are being done horribly) then how do u think they are gonna set up a 3rd server?

  7. 7 minutes ago, NN13 said:

    Or that they are better than their Destro/Summoner/Blade Cancer counterparts....

    If Summoners need 20% skill, Blade Cancers need 30%, Destro needs like 40-50% skill, FM, KFM need skill level in the range of 80-100%, Sins maybe 120% and then there is BM. We guys need 150%+ the skill in the same scale.


    Basically, if you play BM, you are supposed to play perfectly. Like not a single *cricket* up. Meanwhile, Summoners can commit mistakes upon mistakes and still win. And then there are BD and Destro, Spin for life. Oh, and NC actually buffed BD spin-pull to 60m...GG. Now they can pull you from another corner of the arena.

    U forgot to mention make 1 mistake against a des or kfm and ur dead with any class

  8. 13 minutes ago, FieryPassion said:

    Its not a soul its actually what you use to upgrade the soul to the next stage soul which has 15ap

    But to answer op's question if you can upgrade to oathbraker bracelet that out of the gate has like 18ap and 600crit which already is better then other bracelets around. So once you can upgrade to it, that bracelet will maintain its status as the best bracelet.


  9. 1 minute ago, Truce said:

    FM has like the lowest number of players in arena 1v1 diamond, even though if I ask if FM is strong ppl say yes. 
    If you say there are less FM players than say summoner/bd/sin/destroyer/kfm, please give proof of this, otherwise it's just speculation. 

    Jus speculating here but maybe cause 1 you cant play it with high ping which is what most people have right now do to arena ping 2. its harder to play then other classes like kfm and des 3. could just be that thats how it is just the class to rank ratio 

  10. 1 hour ago, Elynya said:

    1st one I have seen so far.



    estimate cost right now (jiwan server)

    250 ss = 65 gold

    10 silverfrost frost = 1 gold (free)

    5 silverfrost quartz = 6.5 gold

    10 moonstone = 10 gold

    5 premium kaolin = xxx (around 20 gold for a material)

    almost 100 gold now exclude premium kaolin recipe

    With current material it will cost 10 G per stone.

    Honestly that dosent seem that bad itll be like how MTS was on release 

  11. 3 minutes ago, Taemek said:

    You clearly said a lot of players are stuck at 49, when there is also a lot of players at level 50 already.


    The dailies need to be done on the way during the yellow main line, you simply won't achieve 50 by just running the main line.

    Yes that's the truth is it not? and ofc they need to be done i didnt deny any of it. Dailies aren't the only source of xp

  12. PLEASE for the love of gigas stop using auto detonate. Ive seen end game fms using it which sure if theres no other fm in ur pt do w/e u want but if there is another PLEASE unspec it. I dont wanna get into the build debate and im not gonna tell u how to play the game or how to build, just dont want your build to mess up someones elses. Ive seen fms in yeti do it which u would think by that time they would know but apparently not 



  13. 30 minutes ago, VRock said:

    I got lvl 50 only doing story quests/daily/blue quests (also used 9 Hongmoon Soups because was siting in my storage and they are untradeable).

    The soups are probably what got u there quick they actually give quite a significant boost thats overlooked by others.

  14. 6 minutes ago, PandaTakeOver said:

    Yeah a little bit, how I see it level boosts you. The  weapon you are grinding all that stuff for have little to no improvements =/. Level you can grind for with no limit. The fangs rarely drop and when they do its like 1.(24 man is an easy grind to 50 or dailies to make it more lucrative)

    Yea i get what ya mean they only drop in 1ns (that ive seen) and u need 100s to upgrade ur wep which is a very very long grind 

  15. 1 minute ago, PandaTakeOver said:

    To be honest I like it.  Gives more purpose to the level then just -I did the story quest I'm 50-. If you want to complain about something then complain about those frozen venom darts.... You need like 190 of those and you get what 6 from dailies? Rest is going to be a grind fest

    Lol that sort of contradicts itself, but im not complaining either it jus makes me curious