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  1. how much am I going to suffer without paying?
  2. Are you *cricket*ing serious? LOL It's not a big deal at lower level but at level 45 the monsters drop ~45 copper. Level 50 monster will drop even more with the next expansion. What the *cricket* is this shit?
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    This game is dead to me if they don't fix this *cricket*ing bullshit spam, /region as been taken over it's not longuer usable. Now our /faction channel as been taking over, no longer usable either. I can't talk to anyone, I'm getting spammed to *cricket*ing oblivion and now I'm even starting to received whisper. This game is *cricket*ing dead to me if you don't do something right *cricket*ing now.
  4. Queue is BS!!!

    I understand queue time what I don't understand is why does it keep going up instead of going down? I started with a 32 minutes queue, then it keep going up and up. I'm now looking at a 82 minutes queue. Like, what the actual *cricket*?
  5. What's up with the fonts?

    What the *cricket*, I'm not the one who need an optometrist, get your eyes check it's all blurry and shit
  6. Man, everything is all blurry and shit. This is a fresh install on Windows 10 x64. Everything maxed out, UI 100% at 1080p. Turning on/off AA doesn't do anything. WTH?
  7. Guys if your launcher is re-patching the game then you haven't read the instructions lol
  8. You probably didn't even followed the instructions correctly or didn't even try because this WORK.
  9. There you go, tested it and it's working. It basically revert back the update. Link : https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/41c4he/how_to_fix_nonlaunching_client_1252015/ Edit 1 : I know I'm stating the obvious here but remember guys...this is only a temporary fix. When the official patch/fix does get release make sure you re-run the game from the launcher and not the batch file...otherwise your game won't get updated properly. Edit 2 : They fixed it, fix no longer needed.
  10. Test

  11. Razer Synapse & GameGuard = Crash

    I can confirmed, it's also what makes me crash. If have all 3 Razer process running I'll crash withing 2-5 minutes. If I close them, I can play for hours and hours with no crash. Tested multiple times. This really need fixing.