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  1. Can't say game not optimized for nowadays so at Blackwyrm i got around 7-10 fps at medium quality, at the worst possible quality and without seeing anyone else i had 15-18 fps so never managed to do it without forcing myself to do it so i saw what it would look like and went like "Nope not gonna happen" and quit. Blackwyrm wasn't doable for me at the time not it's on an even bigger scale with more people most likely a miracle won't happen and the game is not optimized so 10 fps are supposed to come back and i don't want to play a game that look like it came straight from the 90's.
  2. In party if you got a decent tank you don't really need to move other than mechanic or thing like that(if your're ranged for melee there's always some aoe to avoid) and just to tell you but you should know it i think. In B&S stat mean everything(AP for pretty much 3/4 of the player) like it doesn't matter if you know the dungeon, what you're doing or anything they'll judge you based on your AP first and crit if they're still thinking a bit. On another note if you want challenge you can level a tank and try to solo thing i knew someone who would try to solo Poharan for exem
  3. As an assassin for Junghado most of the time it's you screwing something up or i think so when i was still killing Junghado from time to time i couldn't stealth in time because or lag/bot reaction time/whatever so if you're doing the perma-stealth way use your stun(lmb) before using Backstep and trying to Shadow dash behind him. Just in case get the Smoke Screen(Fighting Spirit if you're definitely not feeling confident and are scared to screw up) for the "I fu**ed up" time where you're didn't stealth for any reason and the Lotus Fury that gives you i-frame for his penta-slash or whatever
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