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  1. Here are some picture of my toon in game:
  2. Damn RNG, 81 keys and going...

    People still don't understand this is normal. It is only normal to have sorts of threshold factor in mmo, and beside, 81/3= 27, 27 isnt bad when you speak of hujikar, Ive done more for 2 of my chars. 20 runs is about a little more than an hour and you prolly can go for around 40 runs. I mean a 2 hour hold in a mmo isn't bad at all and 200 keys is 6 gold which is like couple dailies also not that bad. it took about roughly 20 hours for a player to get to true profane and lvl 45 and it is just that bad at all... Whats there to complain
  3. Error4044 after the new patch!!!Gerr,tried everything!

    same problem.... It happens on random as soon as 10-15 min of game play... Its soooo annoying...
  4. is way of warlock part4 bugged

    oh thanks for the replies, I was confused cuz it says capture all 3 grumpy plggles at once by using soul shackle 2 and land a hit with imprison 3, then immediately use the dragon call 4. I will try it thanks it worked. Thanks all
  5. I looked through some of the recent topic but could not find anything. Anyways I just started my warlock and im the point at gloomdross lookout. I cant seem to do "way of warlock part 4" it clearly ask me to 2, 3 ,4 to all 3 frogs and Ive done it hundreds of times and none seems to count.
  6. Outfit pouch.

    i got mine on my 5th attemped, not complaining.
  7. PVE Players Also need soulstones!!!....

    I think he meant soloing Ogong dungeon, if you are a good PVE player you should know
  8. Super amounts of lag

    i get rediculus amount of delay ever since the update. My ping check shows normal pings of around 60ms, and my internet speed is 70mbps... Just laggs
  9. Black Padded Coat is a random chest!?!?

    This is like a mmo tradition for almost all asian MMOs, and if you think this is unfair and shouldn't exist, well it is not gonna happen. I say just get use it; doesn't really make this a bad game, more money spent to NCsoft also give them a better chance of making this game better; it's way better than buying and trading gold. these boxes are about luck and should be a fun thing to play like a lottery, rather than a gamble... I spend merely about $2000 from playing CN and TW server (and that literally almost meant nothing) and I can guarantee you NA is the cheapest one you will ever come across... I open about 1-3ish boxes a day (like the price for a cup of a coffee which aint so bad)... I opened about 22 on the first day of release and I am very committed to lose... I think is the fact that some costumes are just so rare and cant simply be bought made this awesome to have... literally no point to rage about it~_~
  10. i would pay too. Make it happen NCsoft
  11. Merry Potter Secret -

    is not broken.... In any mmo game, or IRL, top gears, stuff r only meant for the best players and it doesnt means the game is unplayable with slightly lower ones. No mention that pvp does consider ur gear stats at all
  12. thanks, i hope there is an option to report player with misbehavior