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  1. .. oh god.. P2W are items that are giving far more stats than any other item obtainale in-game. They are located in cash shop for real money. curency exchange xp boosters and stuff like that are just shortcut. They would get there anyway, but using real money they are there faster than you. I see nothing wrong here. Also there are plenty of people who cares if 25% of them paid to get something faster?.. Nobody.
  2. Why not? Its good for someone who has several characters and don´t want to go trough the pain of doing all the stuff again. Im in For those who are saying this is pay to win: You are dumb a *cricket*, and you should try to think before posting something. ( I know its too hard but try it please for the sake of normal people ) Im also in for Moonstones and those luck items to improve weapons in store. And why because this is not pay to win. Its just shortcut. You will always see players who are better equipped than you so why do you care someone get his stuff
  3. Well something similar happened with Elite Dangerous I play. Players wanted different interface colours. So one guy played a bit with file and eventualy made a program to change hud. Devs said they are okey with that. Let just hope NCSOFT are good guys too xD
  4. They did tell, they will allow to use Asia voice packs. There isnt just official way yet, since they are busy with other stuff. But there is still a risk. And if I´ll get banned hope I will get something like warning first. I´m founder + subscriber :) So far all is good and I´m enjoying campaign with japan voice pack far more :P.
  5. I can confirm, this works too. Also I had to upgrade BnS right now, and i got error during upgrade so I reverted to original files without mklinks and such. And since I had everything reverted I tried this..... :) and update works.
  6. Well I think, their hands are full of BOTS and Server issues. I don´t think they have time to think about few people who are using Japanese voice pack. Well and if we are doing something wrong I think moderators would have locked this thread long ago, they are quite handful when it comes to something that violates their rules. But, It would be nice to have someone from NC to say, we don´t care as long as you are using original files. :)
  7. Ah thanks :) . And nope I´m not a Weeabo or how do they call the people who act like Japanese and are totally obsessed with it. Like speaking in weird mish mash of Japanese with other language. I have desire to properly learn it :). I enjoy Japanese History, Culture and of course Anime which I prefer much more over normal real movies and stuff. I just like how Anime can convey emotions :). will definitely check out those books, I really admire you for learning Japanese by yourself. And I agree Kanji is really hell, Hiragana and Katakana are kinda ok. Right now I´m in a state wh
  8. We know very well it´s Korean game, but well, I just love Japanese. And after my IT education, I´m starting japanese language. Already got books. I just love that language. :) Also < Ayase Kurogane ..... *shiver* *shiver*
  9. Yup all is working fine, I created new character right now, to try it more. And so far all is working :) Login + NPc sounds are ok, although I thought I will get my character to speak japanese too, sadly that doesn´t work. Well until NCSoft will let us use their way, I will use this. Hope I won´t get banned or something :P EDIT: JAPANESE voices are soooo much better. And Poharan. OH MY GOD! so awesome. I dont think I cant play any east MMORPG without asian voices :) All is so much better.... like ambient voices. ENGLISH doesn´t have that!
  10. Great Idea, I just used mklinks for this guide. I have expensive SSD and moving files ( 2GB ) every launch is bad. So here is what I´ve done. First of all I moved All folders that were used in this walktrough, TEMP, JAPANESE and CookedPC to G: ( My regulard HDD ) Then I created mklinks here is example: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10586] (c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\WINDOWS\system32>mklink /J "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC" "G:\Bns TEMP\CookedPC" Junction cr
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