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  1. "diamond" players

    Every class is op, and ofc (at the moment since everyone still new) some classes are easier to get diamond than others... aka Summoner, destroyer, blade dancer. Obviously KFM and BM are going to be the hardest to get Diamond regardless because they require more skill to play. Sorry but it is true. As for Diamonds, majority have played the game before, the EU ladder for example, about 75% of those in the top 50 have played on other servers for 6months+. Now lets get back to the topic at hand, it seems people are trying to promote some elo decay system like League of Legends, that isn't going to happen, the reason a lot of diamond players stop playing is not because they're happy they're diamond - it is because it takes ages to find a game. I got to 2250 in 3v3, and i had to lose games on purpose with people who were also willing to lose on purpose because it was taking ages to find games, like 30-50minutes...
  2. BNS Became P2W !

    Theres some clans already with full gear (too bad they have to wait for silverfrost now - so some people can catch up)...not going to name names, its obvious who plays either 12 hours a day or spends xxx GBP on the game, but lets be frank here... its their choice. If they want to speed ahead and get best gear....then so be it, but what usually happens is...they either get bored (completing all content , nothing much to upgrade), or they get annoyed (lack of competition in open world because most are behind)... You see this all the time, people speed ahead, dominate for 3months, then quit. Just wait it out and play the game... your fun and enjoy in this game shouldn't be deterred by others. As for pay to win, not really... This is a PvP game in my opinion, and you can't pay to become good at the game, only more efficient in PvE. So in retrospect of PvE - pay to win, but everything else...no.
  3. PvP is broken, just stop having hope

    I like how you advertise one of Europes best pvpr's and say its broken. This Radeyz guy has played the game 2+ years, has practised months to master the technique he pulls off to 100-0 someone (also, KFM hardest class in game - its not even broken, have you even tried kfm?). He has good ping also, and easily over 10,000 pvp games experience. Not every KFM can do what he does (yet), most people, like myself, have 80-170 ping in Arena, so its near impossible to pull off 3rf efficiently as he does. Also, people are generally just bad at games (its true), and I find most people complaining about pvp are below 1800 rating. Notes: Every class has the capability to 100-0 someone, its called Stun-locking, or whatever people reference it as. Every class has an opponent (class) they find hard to kill, for KFMs, its near impossible to beat Assassins, as Radeyz stated "There is no counter-play, have 1 escape which has 35 second cooldown isn't enough". For other classes they at least have an opportunity for counter-play. Keep practising and practising...eventually you'll get better. It's all about knowing what your opponent is capable off and what you're capable off. I.e. "Understanding the limitations" - once you understand this you'll get to Gold easily (although getting gold is a walk in the park at the moment, but in due time it won't be). No class is "broken", arguably as a KFM i'll say "omg assassin so broken, perma invis, no counter-play", but for other classes...assassin is no problem. Each to their own.
  4. Bugs: Skill: Counter (KFM) Does not work as intended for Tier 3 Stage, it does not block stun or daze after successful counter. Skill: Launch (KFM) Sometimes you cannot dropkick or do anything because the animation is not suspended but moving mid-air Game issues: Arena pvp: random fps drops to 10-20 until you reload game
  5. Firstly, congratulations... however, Destroyer such a face roll class; like the summoner, very easy for newbies or beginners in this game to achieve gold rank. not saying they're broken or op (because assassins and blade dancers are on this client), but they have such a small skill curve. Keep going though, you'll start facing tough opponents past 1700. :)
  6. What in the heavens is this?

    You can learn the game in a variety of ways. Majority of the players in pvp will be high level, as stated its late game content Facing mobs, bosses etc and doing the quests will teach you the basics of combos, when to dodge, escape etc. You have open world pvp, most likely you'll be fighting players throughout who are around your level. You also can ask a friend to pvp with you open world (most go Jadestone village and put on Blackram/bamboo armor), pvp with a friend and learn it that way. Other-than that, you'll just have to do with the pvp arena as it is... most newbies, including myself, began Blade and soul facing players double our level, just a way of learning the hard way. And tbh you shouldn't even be considering pvp as a "newb" till you hit lv 40+. (just doing the quests efficiently, you can get 40+ in under 20hours)...its really not that difficult.
  7. It's just how it is. You go into pvp at your own means, nothing is going to be balanced perfectly. Besides you get the stats of a level 45, just not the skills. People have killed level 45s with just level 20 characters, really depends how well you know the game, and your class, and also how well your opponent does. Most likely a high level is going to win, but for me this doesn't trouble me, I reached gold as a lv 20 kung fu master, and those who know about the KFM realize at that elvel they have literally nothing, no cc chains, not much damage, pretty useless...but i still managed to beat a few lv 40-45's. Keep playing -- pvp is designed for you to exercise your class and learn it correctly for open world pvp, i wouldn't worry too much.