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  1. Ncoins subscriptions

    Why do you not take Ncoins for 30 day subscriptions anymore? I already bought the cards to pay for it but the option is gone and supports answer to the issue is just give us more money. If this was going to be taken away it should of been posted in a clear place not hidden in the description in the store that most would never see. Now I'm out the money we spent for the cards and NCSoft doesn't care because they got the money.
  2. Premium Membership Issue

    Why these 2 things have nothing to do with each other. It makes things confusing. I can't tell if someone is talking about not getting the sub they were able to pay for or are talking about not being able to buy a sub the way they use to. Putting in a ticket about no being able to buy a 30 day with coins does no good all they do is tell you how to do it with a CC or say they had it that they were going to take it away in the details (and what good was it there? who honestly clicked that button for a 30 day sub?). If it was going to be taken away it should have been on the log in screen maybe? Already bought the card from amazon to get it but it's worthless now not going to pay twice for a sub this month and not able to use it for outfits because wardrobe is locked behind sub.
  3. Look at the clipping into the legs how can they sell this? Does anyone own this does the skirt part flow in game and it just not show in the preview? If not then it's sad to release an outfit that does this.
  4. That's to hit things that are your level. Bosses are higher level than you so you need more to hit them. hope that helps some :)
  5. If they do something like this I hope they go back and look at the people that ask to be a mod. See if they have been reporting bots have they reported anyone for spam that wasn't spamming (but don't take 1 or 2 as a no some times when the game first started the spam was so fast you'd click the wrong name a few times lol). Have they reported other issues with tickets (basically do they want to make the game a better place) if they do all that I think this may work. But if they do or don't thanks to all that are willing to do this it's nice to see people that want this game that I love become even better :)

    Here's mine but I keep messing with small things so who knows what I end up with on March 2nd :)
  7. Stealing my kill

    report them with screen shots if you can get them.
  8. Help!

    aw sorry I have no clue then that's very strange
  9. Help!

    Ohh wait I just noticed that's the closed beta server you need the full game click the download from this page
  10. Help!

    hmm only other things I can think of to try is the file repair then if that doesn't work delete all the BnS files and start over.
  11. Help!

    Is her firewall stopping it by chance?
  12. Bots - Fight fire with .... with what?

    The main thing is the people that buy the gold. They are the ones at the end of the day that ruin this game.
  13. Valentine Outfits leaving? & Questions

    It'll be alright I have a lot of dash items in mine waiting for the warlock some things from the first day.
  14. Bots everywhere.

    Part of the issue...well most of the issue is people buy the gold. If nobody did then the bots would go for the most part.
  15. infinite challenge costume Impossible!

    I feel bad I got mine first run didn't even know it dropped there. I think the key to getting drops is to not know or not want it >.<