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  1. Whats up with the P2W?

    This. You said it perfffffectly.
  2. This game is BS. I'm out.

    How is that a problem? I'm happy that I have to fight for mobs ... I'd rather it be overpopulated then underpopulated.
  3. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    I havent had issues for hours ..... after removing everything Razer. But I mean, im running a mouse / headset / mouse pad and keyboard .. I have a LOT of Razer applications on my PC.
  4. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    If any of you are using Razer - remove alllll processes when you are in game. Everything Razer related. I am having ZERO problems now. Hope it helps.
  5. Crash DDL

    Crazy, ... cause for some reason its doing everything right now for me. I hope you get it resolved.
  6. Crash DDL

    Are you using anything razer ? If so, disable EVERYTHING from Processes that has to do with Razer. Try that and see what happens - i havent crashed in about 20 minutes now.
  7. Razer Synapse & GameGuard = Crash

    Not able to close GameScannerService .. it keeps turning itself back on .. any ideas? Edit: Apparently once you log in you can close it completely. Seems to not be kicking me out of the dungeon .. god, if this is the fix I'm going to literally die.
  8. Crash DDL

    Yeah they really need to resolve this. I mean, I have reinstalled the game, I have repaired the game, uninstalled and reinstalled every version of C++ to see if its a memory leak issue. I have tried the Razer thing, hell, I've even tried playing on 800x600 ... No idea what they did - but this sucks :(
  9. Game Crashing all the time

    Tons of us are having this issue. No ones been able to successfully fix it though :/
  10. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    So, reinstalling C++ does nothing .. back to the drawing board.
  11. Officially Pissed

    Uh, I did the same thing. All of my Masters pack shit is on my toon on Mushin. But, here I am .. enjoying the game on the other server, actually able to play - will most likely submit a ticket to NCSoft for my things to get transferred off that server. Do something like that - just don't quit the game because you can't access the pre determined hella popular and everyone knew it was going to be full server.
  12. Officially Pissed

    Just go to a different server. Seriously .. it's only going to be worse. They even warned about it on Stream. Many people are spreading out - just spread out to the 2nd or 3rd server and you'll be good.
  13. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    Ive done that about 3 times now. Now I'm validating my C++ 2015 to make sure that its not crashing - as that can someone cause memory leaks which is what this is.... or has to be.