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  1. Please Fix your stair!

    With me I stop and I also have to jump over them. I thought my character was to small now I know I am not the only one who is having a problem.
  2. Bid System is Bad

    You can change the bid system to random if you like that better or be the leader and keep all the loot to yourself till every one stop grouping with you

    No what you do is wear your one of your fraction uniform and kill them without a chance and pop those little guys
  4. Looking for a friend

    You can add me doing a couple of speed run on some of my char
  5. How did people lvl so fast?

    You know it that is why we had to wait around 4hrs in que to get in no one wanted to leave.
  6. Account-bound Costumes?

    I also made the same mistake. It is going to be the first and last costume I am going to buy.
  7. Ncoin discounts?

    Do ncoin's get discount on special day's like holidays or does it stay the same price all year round?
  8. Stuck in 3rd person view in dungeons

    I can not get out of 3rd person when I am in a group entering a dungeon. Using the home, end, pgup and pgdn keys does not do any thing. I especially hate it when someone sneaks up on you and you do not know where they are hitting you.