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  1. <The Immortals> / Crimson / Eng

    Rule nr1: Rule nr2 : Kids are not allowed to consume alcohol Rule nr3: Always read requirements Rule nr4 : Be open minded Rule nr5 : U can and u will get trolled if u start conversation like that. We dont like selfish ppl.
  2. <The Immortals> / Crimson / Eng

    There are few spots for active ppl lvl45 only. Preferably with AP 390+. We are doing everything game is offering so basicaly PvX. Faction, 24m, 6m, 4m, arena... Kids pls stay away... FInd me in game or any veteran member from guild.
  3. Login Server down

    Anybody getting this?
  4. Summoner in new patch

    Stacks are easy to make in PvE only. Obviously u dont know class and dont have PvP experience at all. U lose stack so fast in pvp and u need 5 to get photo effect. Each cat dmg skill buff in this patch will NOT be included in any serious pvp spec. I tested everything possible in pvp and I know what Im talking about. So despite my good will not to call u total noob for summooners, I have to. Zero practise I would say. U like theory, I like practise. Everyone can come and give answer like u did but does it helps or give any tip? No. Sunflower stack is quite easy to get in pvp? Honestly, delete ur summoner pls. "Both can be used in PvE and PvP". No way???? Wow! I agree on rumblebee but they clasifies that as PvE hongmon while Sunflower is considered PvP. Ok with that, but not happy with what sunflower "pvp" hongmon lvl brings if u understood me at all. Just cause u dont understand, doesnt mean u cant ask me to explain u a bit. And pls dont drool here with arena medals cuz I dont like kids. Is there any serious summoner that can give me different angle on new patch?
  5. <The Immortals> / Crimson / Eng

    We opened guild for our alts and lower lvls. Post here or ask for us in faction chat. There might be also some spots for lvl45s in main guild after patch.
  6. Summoner in new patch

    I need somebody to enlight me pls. Im reading patch notes and some external info and it got me to this: Hongmon rumblebee is PvE branch, hongmon sunflower is pvp branch(joke?). What is the problem here? Sunflower "pvp" raise photo effect from 3 to 5 sec. Did they even tried to get photo effect in pvp? I find this useless and stupid if I understood it corectly. Instead ofo giving something usefull, we get 5sec of effect we cant make in pvp or rarely can make. Rumblebee nerfed and they give hongmon for that? Ppl say cat dmg goes up. For which skills? Skills that most of us dont even use in their build. Another joke in patch. Only usefull I see is LMB getting better, thorn in middle tree and faster cat aproach. Pls enlight me cuz I might be wrong with all of this.
  7. hahahahaha. Do ALL of that for ONLY 6h?
  8. He can be Cape Verde which is in Africa.
  9. Smart ppl and companies learn fast. Obvious is obvious.
  10. Patching, patching...not ordinary maintenance...
  11. Rly ncsoft crossed all lines. Instead of giving us some normal time for patching they put it in middle of the day. DO U KNOW U HAVE EU CUSTOMERS????????????????? (@#*&%%(#&$$&)@#&$&($*&#%^%#&%^#*(%&^#%($#)(*&$*$&)
  12. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Price drop in moonwater stones cuz of rng boxes? Yes pls.