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  1. valentine costume?

    i wonder who will get the last laugh?
  2. valentine costume?

    no it will be like silver dragon for 9999 ncoins. didnt realize ncsoft was a corporate criminal until the rng box drop rate for the costume, when your account is flagged to fail u better believe ull never win.
  3. Why is this game getting bad reviews

    Ill have enough when they deliver my item with an apology. find one mmorpg with rng boxes that has a good review, you cant! rng boxes = bad reviews is all you can trust.
  4. Why is this game getting bad reviews

    RNG boxes = bad reviews
  5. 2 weeks and game is allready dead. wow....

    RNG boxes = dead game.
  6. Female Gon Costumes - Bad Designs

    why dont u just strip naked and call it a costume?
  7. Why do female Gons get terrible looking costume designs with far too obvious attempts at making it seem "sexy" when its completely a useless design. Yun and Jin gets all the decent looking cosmetics and this is unacceptable! Put more effort into designing for Gon race >_<
  8. LvL 45 what to do now

    omg im so sorry kitty :(
  9. Is the game slowly dying?

    The server is doing a better job at logging in players.
  10. in-game drop costumes are so hard to get, they should be account bound or tradable.
  11. LvL 45 what to do now

    Farm costumes like crazy, rage at blue faction, get ganked in pvp zone, run around players,salvage items,queue for instances you dont need, leech in party, boost bid item prices,accidentally destroy your costume, get #8 on loot wheel, take a swim,fight npc,get owned in arena,guild hop,send in a ticket,post on the forum, get dc during a battle, do your dailies,farm soul shield, try making it to mushin tower, look up skirts, upgrade gears,lv up crafting, send a gift, meet new players, cuddle a lyn, watch a guide, draw pikachu on mini map, get kicked from party, try a new build,get chased by field bosses, get 1 hit from blackwyrm, spend some gold, go afk, buy op ncoins, block gold spammers, upload nsfw profile pictures, unlock new achievements, report mob grabbers, over pay on bids, try some emotes, unlock new maps, finish story quest, join a fail poharan party, look at OP moonwater stones, help a noob, transmute items, beat the crap out of a pig, show off new costumes, farm tokens and repeat.
  12. Game quality and experience doesnt matter? gamers cash first then gtfo? These things only happen when the publisher gets lazy or they feel the game isnt worth the effort. If you dont have long term players, then MMORPGs dont make alot of moolah, which means you want to keep your old players happy and new players satisfied. Silver Dragon = Character Bound.
  13. Nerf Kung Fu Master and i'll rage quit, its already hard enough to tank with! if anything, NCsoft should make kung fu master more tanky like a destroyer and make it gon only.
  14. Rage meter: Over 9000! I'm ok with character bound costumes tho, I dont have time to play 20 toons(or the desire, the 3 required for crafting already too much).
  15. LOL you don't have a girlfriend = ban