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  1. 3 AM is a normal time during certain shifts for many professions. However, while not being fully educated on the subject of server maintenance, I'm fairly certain people aren't sitting in the server room banging on them with hammers and screwdrivers. It's most likely an automated function that is simply scheduled during the server's least populated time frame. Since the server's are operated and based in America, they use this country's time for that determination.
  2. I can dig it. I've always thought limiting movement speed "just because" was ridiculous. Not even being premium makes it any better, at least not by much. There is literally no reason why we shouldn't have unlimited on roads/paths, or even just out in the open world at all. In instances I'm fine with it the way it is, and it's not even usable in combat. It's just a quality of life improvement, something Blade and Soul severely lacks. Qi actually has more than one meaning. It's as much in reference to life force as it is a spiritual energy. It has more similarities to mana
  3. Did you forget about the hour long lunch break during your 8 hour shift? Also, you really need to understand the world doesn't revolve around any particular country. If NCSoft was based in Europe, I'm sure we'd have wonky ass maintenance times too, but they're not based in Europe, they're based here. Deal with it. I live on the east coast and I'm not too happy about the 3 hour difference in the time zones, so I can imagine how someone in Europe would feel, but that's just the way it is. In order to maintain what amounts to equality between the regions in terms of when content is av
  4. Except for the fact it would allow lucky players to completely bypass hours or days of grinding on their alts, thus removing the time sink mechanic. It would also allow said players to earn massive amounts of money since tradeable also means sellable. I've had both experiences on my characters. Once it took 70+ spins to get an outfit, but on a different character I get 2 outfits by my 10th spin. RNG is RNG, it sucks, but it is what it is.
  5. I switched Z, X, C and V to 5-8 and the consumables bar to 9, 10, - and =. I run with a Naga so I can use the number keys freely. I left my Q, E, F and Tab keys alone for their binds. Most of my key bind changes were for the abominable F1-F12 UI window presets. In response to your layout, I have never been comfortable with using Ctrl or even Shift in many cases for combat abilities. UI menus, sure, but not during times when I need to make split second decisions. I feel like requiring an extra key just for the second ability bar slows you down unnecessarily.
  6. Ok so it was just a glitch it seems. I logged out and back in and it corrected itself. Strange.
  7. So was the Premium Membership rank system changed? I was rank 4 last night and rank 5 only required ~31k points. Now I'm back down to rank 1, lost all my other benefits and it's saying I need 10,000,000 more points to hit rank 2? Is this for real?
  8. What the hell is Cold Snap and where do I find it? I'm trying to understand this build but no where in the skill book do I see this ability.
  9. That defeats the purpose then. I want to be able to roll on Blues/Green, not just Purples. If you just Round Robin all the loot then only the person who loots the boss gets anything.
  10. I have, there isn't an option there to set it to roll need/greed. At least not one I've found. The settings there are are not very straightforward though, I may be overlooking it. Nothing I've tried works.
  11. Again, how?? I'm always party leader, it isn't in the options tab above the party members. I've tried every option in there, nothing works.
  12. How? I've tried doing this repeatedly, it doesn't have an option to?
  13. My opinion is this: Keep the bid system, as in pugs it simply means more $$$$$$$$. In premade groups however, give us the option to simply roll need/greed so that I don't have to bid against my real life friends. Who the *cricket* wants to get into a bidding war over pennies with their best friend? It's time consuming and inherently breeds resentment over the course of many loses.
  14. Dice roll is the only truly unbiased RNG loot system, as long as the system takes into account the people who both can USE it and the people who actually NEED it. The system should be made such that, unless no one "needs" the item, the loot will ONLY be rolled on by those who actually need/can use the item.
  15. I disagree. Subscription based models work wonders. The only reason why they end up going F2P is because of the developers making ridiculous content production promises they can't actually keep. The player-base of these huge MMOs are like an invading species in an ecosystem. They simply consume all of the food, or content in this case, until there is nothing left for the ecosystem (game) to support itself. The developers make lofty promises of updates every month, but all that ends up being is like a timed holiday event of some kind that takes all of a couple days to complete. Whil
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