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  1. This recent update has created a new concern: We have lost our wardrobe and our entire friends list. This is a bit concerning on the wardrobe and not merely for fashion sake. Some of us store our faction uniforms in the wardrobe and without access we cannot perform our faction dailies. Kindly expedite the restoration so we don't lose too many soulstones!
  2. NCSOFT CONSUMER LOYALTY... is it dead?

    Reviewing my post I clearly stated that "We all paid" not I and in no way do I consider myself special. Please know that I consider myself the same as all of you... WE ALL PAID IF WE'RE PLAYING IN HEAD START! I only started this post to voice my thoughts/ concerns, which you are entitled to disagree with. In case you misunderstood my post please let me clarify the main point here ... NCSOFT Is failing all of us! We are not playing a free MMO; as Founder Pack members and as consumers (paying gamers), I believe NCSOFT has a duty to provide a quality game/ service/ and consumer support. Therefore they have a responsibility to all of us.... and not only Founders Pack players but also the people that will be logging in during the launch whether or not they buy a premium membership because let's face it EVERYONE is entitled to quality, service, and support.
  3. NCSOFT CONSUMER LOYALTY... is it dead?

    I do agree with you that they should have an AFK boot / switch character system that allows for an instant re-log in; however, they don't. Again they really need to take this problem seriously. If you read my post I was only dc on the escape from cinematic and that was due to my own choice, which I accept and have learned to patiently sit through. However, I played 16 hours straight without interruption with 110-120 fps and a low ping. I was disconnect by the server after my 4 hour que today and it was not my ISP, which is a fiber optic connection with the highest Mbps available at this time. Please review the forums... thousands of people are posting their concerns regarding que times and dc. The dc is really irrelevant it's the que times and server capacity.
  4. NCSOFT CONSUMER LOYALTY... is it dead?

    I fall into the afore mentioned catagory of Early Players*, and I still had a wait time after customizing my *name reserved* character before logging on at 10am PST / 1pm EST. I now have 3 characters on the Mushin server and I'm wondering if I will ever get to play them at this rate. I'd like to address Sassychan's comment about it being *my fault - my server choice* and ask that you please reread my original post. It wasn't a CHOICE about servers... it was about the CLAN (Sanctuary) and all the wonderful people that I feel blessed to consider friends and look forward to spending the next several years playing BNS together. Transferring servers now and losing the past 16 hours played, achieved levels etc. doesn't resolve the issue of forsaking my CLAN. I do not see transferring to a less populated server and leaving these people, some of which I have been friends with for months leading up to the NA release, as a reasonable choice. While I can appreciate NCSOFT's attempt at resolving the issue by limiting high capacity servers and offering character transfers (albeit delayed) they still lacked foresight and adequate planning, At this point I think the solutions they propose are not viable for a significant number of players and subsequently will be largely ineffective ( like trying to extinguish a forest fire with a snowball). Again I ask NCSOFT - WORK IT OUT!!
  5. Let me preface by saying that I am typically a go with the flow kind of girl... I rarely have anything negative to say. My gaming experience thus far: Yesterday it took me 2 hours to get into the game and I logged in at 1pm EST. A couple of hours into the game I was forced to dc while in the cinematic because the game went total black screen (a little advice you may NOT want to escape from the cinematic because the risk outweighs the benefit. Sure you'll waste 90 seconds watching a cut scene you've seen dozens upon dozens of times but at least you don't lose 2- 4 hours back in que!) I waited 2.5 hours to get back into the game. Lesson learned and water under the bridge ^.~ Preparation is the key right?!? Today I decided I would wake up early to log in anticipating a min. 2 - 2/12 hour que and then go back to sleep. When I logged in there was a que of 2020 and a wait time of 93 mins that shockingly went up to 159 mins. 4 hours later - I finally got in!! I wasn't even upset... slightly shocked that the 2 to 2 1/2 hours turned into 4 but overall I was elated to be in the game - UNTIL.... 7 mins after connecting I was disconnected and so was another clan member a couple mins. following!! I guarantee this was NOT related to my ISP... it is the server! Now I'm back in que and it says 2340 in que with a wait time of 157mins... are you kidding me?? Now I am RAGING (a very unsettling and unfamiliar feeling)! NCSOFT response... pick another server right? WRONG! I did not CHOOSE the server - I chose the clan I felt best fit my game style and personality... one that is organized and has over a decade of experience in MMOs and strong leadership. I accepted the longer ques because what really matters is the people you are playing with and clans are like your online family. My message to NCSOFT: This is simply UNACCEPTABLE and should have been, at the very least, anticipated following the closed beta but certainly planned for! We have given you not only our money ($124.99 founder's pack) but also our trust and confidence. Many of us have waited YEARS for this game to come to NA/EU. We have placed our faith in your wisdom and experience. Is it an unreasonable expectation that you hire employees competent enough to foresee and troubleshoot the obvious problem? Our faith is wavering to be certain!! WORK IT OUT! P.S. While typing this comment the time went from 157 mins to 218mins. REALLY?!?
  6. {XoO} Xen of Onslaught ~ NA/EU/Oceanic

    ​I do not believe the thread made mention of which NA server the guild will be registering on or faction (Cerulean or Crimson League). With early name reservation Monday Jan. 11th many of us will be creating a couple of characters and will need to select our server at minimum. Would you kindly advise which server/ faction XoO will have the greatest presence :) Blessings, Belladonna Assassin P.S. (yes I'm an actual female.... surprise! ;)