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  1. Game is almost completely ruined...

    No it won't.
  2. Think about this for a moment... how many bots do you see when you play? The bots see the same selection of players. Bots are fighting bots a lot and SOMEONE has to win/gain rating. Some bots are better programmed and those bots will 100% beat the worse bots. Not to mention they've been playing 24/7 now... All they'll do is go up.
  3. Don't take the hate personally. Hating summoners is the "cool" thing. Good job on getting to plat - as you can tell from rankings it isn't something the majority of people do.
  4. There's another post on these forums that gives a potential answer. People are intentionally losing to stay under 1700 to see more bots - this lets the bots gain more rating.
  5. Need DPS meter in the game.

    I support the idea of a DPS meters. However, honestly, in this game the DPS meter may hurt more than help. The classes aren't meant to be dps-machines, but to do damage while mitigating as much damage as possible for the group - every class can do this. I hardly ever see KFM/BM ever tank, and many summoners I see in groups have their pets set to do damage rather than tank, too. Sometimes a group needs these classes to sacrifice damage to mitigate group damage and a dps meter is going to further encourage people to just pump out the deepz.
  6. I'd just like the costumes from the store to be "account bound" so that I can trade them between characters freely. I can understand why ingame costumes need to be earned per character. For how much these costumes cost, combined with the poor quality (lots of clipping), I don't think this is too much to ask.