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  1. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    no im having no problems im playing fine. on win 10 msi z97 mobo evga gtx 960 4gb i7 4790k 250 ssd + 2tb ext
  2. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    rest in piece. only thing left to suggest is the painful uninstall and reinstall in which would take the time up enough to render your headstart useless
  3. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    just close everything except the game itself try that haha
  4. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    do you still have CBT?
  5. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    have you tried restarting? (you probably have but just in case you missed) otherwise its probably a problem on their end
  6. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    what's your gpu? and check if its overheating? just a thought
  7. I'm being harassed by this character to put on clothing but i can't afford any, as the clothing i picked up was wisked away like magic.
  8. [SOLVED] I found the Peerblock IP that is to be allowed. It is: is named under NC Interactive INC
  9. So i got this error upon start up of the launcher: E01005 NIC updater.nclauncher.ncsoft.com_17231940 I found out the case that Peerblock was blocking it so i disabled peerblock to start it up. Does anyone happen to know the ports that BnS uses so i can allow them through instead of having to disable peerblock everytime? I allow ports for Steam as well so i'm sure it'd be similar and appear to be something like this: http://list.iblocklist.com/lists/bluetack/dshield I just need to find a smilar blocklist for BnS and it'll be resolved. Thanks!