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  1. Pornographic Content

    I've done exactly that, support was really quick about it as well. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I think it's time to hire some guys for full time data entry. They just sit in servers and when they see spam they have a right click ban like we have a right click report. Their entire job is to sit there and ban these scum for all eternity.
  3. Pornographic Content

    Done. He's also spamming a sale a bit, nothing like gold sellers but seems as though he could be botting. I can screenshot his name if you'd like or is the ingame report good enough?
  4. Pornographic Content

    Hey guys, Is pornographic content allowed in blade and soul? I'm not sure if it's in the terms of use or not because I'm quite lazy but there is a guy named "GGGGGGGGGGGGG" on Mushin, Crimson side who has a photograph of a nude Korean girl as his profile picture. Is this ban worthy or okay because it's rated mature?
  5. Daily Dash Disappointment

    Read the post above you, non premium only takes half a month as well. Spinning the wheel is addicing, we want to do it all the time, stop raining on our parade.
  6. Exploit or ok?

    I get you're looking for NcSoft to chime in here but yeah, you're fine to do it is what we're saying. When they host tournaments or even during the launch event, they talk about it on stream as part of combos and damage potential etc...they know about it and like it was said above, it is being treated as a feature of the combat system.
  7. Daily Dash Disappointment

    Agreed, feels wasteful. I guess you get the costume a couple days earlier than others but hanging out for half a month not doing it sucks. At least let us start over and grab some of those items again along the way.
  8. Exploit or ok?

    Unfortunately I don't think this will be fixed as it is talked about at the esports level. I don't particularly enjoy mechanics like that, somewhat game breaking and makes it harder to balance but it's not the end of the world really.
  9. More content?????

    I'm just now approaching 45 and I feel the same way. Been playing very casually and I can feel there just isn't going to be enough end game (there never is). I think I'll just log on to pvp and play something else for pve until more is released. BTW, this is also a huge compliment to the game, we want more because what we have is so damn fun. I really enjoyed leveling and I never do. Silverfrost could not come fast enough.
  10. When are servers going down?

    I just tuned in during the stream about not having afk kicking etc... and that being intended. I also saw it second hand from a few different people but as I said, could very well be misinformed.
  11. When are servers going down?

    I believe servers are staying up, or at least that's what I heard on stream. Could be wrong though.
  12. LF Semi-Casual-Social Guild

    Hey guys, I'm having a great time during this head start though I have yet to find a guild. Looking for a solid, larger community that is fun and laid-back yet capable of grouping up and getting some things done. I say social because I like chatting about the game, theorcrafting, hanging out while pvping etc...My in game name is Raphi, feel free to message me in game ;) Thanks!
  13. Popular Names

    Tons of good responses, glad to see people having fun with this. Name reservation up tomorrow, pretty excited to sit in char creation and play around (since my names are very unlikely to be picked as they never are).
  14. Popular Names

    Neat, never been to that site, looks like a solid resource too, thanks!
  15. Popular Names

    These are really solid, I kind of forgot about anime names and this does have an anime-like story. Good thoughts. I figure the best thing to do is make a character without caring about looks, get the name and remake looks with voucher when game releases. Something tells me lots will be doing this, especially since names are taken on regions, not servers. Keep em coming guys!