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  1. Yes, I definitely agree! I just upgraded the weapons of 2 of my alts and I ended up sitting through more than half a dozen loading screens which is NOT fun. If I had the storage I'm suggesting, all those mats I hopped around for would already be in that shared storage. 1 loading screen each! And this new update they spoiled today! It's mostly all quality of life stuff! :D Why can't we have this too??
  2. Heck, even if they decide to lock this behind premium membership, there's going to be people who buy premium just to have this option. I remember, back in the good old days, listening to players who bought premium only for the F3 outfit storage. The F3 outfit storage. Loooong before there were 400+ outfits to own.
  3. I agree with this. If they cost it similar to the main inventory with dragon pouches (which was more expensive that the second vault tab), I will still absolutely purchase more pouches because I need this feature. I desperately wanted when I had 6+ characters, I now have 10. It's going to save me a lot of time and loading screens.
  4. Mail sent from anywhere would definitely be a nice convenience, but it doesn't help with what I'm suggesting. I want to be able to store all my materials in one place for easy access: moonstones, soulstones, etc. Even items, for example, such as naksun badges and yunsang's prayer beads which are (or were) used for accessory upgrading and badges, Chances are good I'm going to move them all to one character anyway, so why force me to mail between multiple characters over and over again?
  5. Sure, include a gold deposit, I didn't think of that suggestion. They could also update gold to be account-bound same as ncoin and hongmoon coin.
  6. One thing I love about this game: playing and gearing multiple characters/classes (I have all 10). One thing I hate about this game: moving materials between multiple characters multiple times in order to gear up said alt characters. I would like have a third tab in the storage vault that is accessible to all characters. This would be monstrously convienent to everyone who has more than two characters: 1) No more character hopping hunting for needed materials and/or accidentally mathing wrong. 2) No more accidentally mailing materials to the wrong character - or friend on your friends list. 3) No need to leave F8 to return to server in order to mail gems to another character. This is a relevant suggestion change more now than ever, with the current event encouraging players to gear up alt weapons at a reduced cost. I view an addition like this worth buying more dragon pouches to open slots - assuming the number of needed pouches isn't ridiculously high (as the first vault tab is imo). As this suggestion directly impacts the mailing fees between characters - a very small but constant gold sink - I also suggest that the mailing fees remain to put the items IN to the vault. Most players move around materials gained on their high-geared mains. These characters can afford the mailing fees for higher priced items without blinking an eye. This would function exactly as the mail does without the need to find a Dragon Trader. Lastly, please allow these item stacks to be dividable inside the vault.

    I agree, I am massively disappointed that weapon chests are still character locked, this can't be the first time anyone has complained about this. Liinxy went out of her way to show off the bangle specifically because she KNOWS that everyone wants new colors... yet most people trove on their main characters because that's where all the gold is - but not everyone mains force master. There's a lot of players who would love to have a pretty bangle on an alt. Myself included.
  8. Treasure trove costumes

    The GMs can say all they want in order to appease us. But how many times will old outfits need to be re-requested in a forum post? How many future new players or returning players are going to see an outfit they may never get because it's already been re-released once, maybe twice already? They don't re-release outfits that often. You know what NCWest could just do? Here's a suggestion: They could just make more outfits tradeable in the marketplace. Rather than forcing people to hold out hope that they'll one day unannounced add it to the daily/weekly outfit rotations.
  9. Treasure trove costumes

    Does this include weapon cosmetics? Because I nabbed that beautiful dark emissary weapon chest that you spent time showing off in the preview stream, but it's on the wrong character and I can't trade it.
  10. Treasure trove costumes

    I'm not lying. I've played this game since beta, I don't remember them releasing any outfits from trove before recently, and none of them were the flagship big-draw outfits. It's possible they'll continue to release trove outfits and I certainly hope they do, but I honestly wouldn't pin your hopes on it. You're in for disappointment if you do that. A lot of people trove only for the outfits, NCSoft loses money overall from hopeful gamblers if they guarantee you can buy the outfits at a later date.
  11. Treasure trove costumes

    No they won't. I'm still waiting for the Gold Dragon to be in F10.
  12. To the Blade & Soul Development Team

    The Gunslinger Satchel was a marketing nightmare. First I want to start out by saying that my husband and I LOVE this game. We love introducing new players to what makes this game worth giving it a chance. We love convincing returning players that the game is worth returning to. We HATE seeing when a good idea is handled horribly wrong. I would assume that as the development team you were aware of the hype behind the Gunslingers' arrival. We had a lot of friends, clannies, and acquaintances who took a break from the game because they were bored of the stagnant content - however they left with the plan to come back once "the gunner class" was announced with an official release date. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to read their emails. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to check the Blade & Soul website for updates. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to keep in contact with online "friends" who could keep them updated of the announcements. Yet all who wanted the satchel needed to "register" in advance of the release date in order to receive it. I ask WHY? What was the thought process behind giving out the satchel in this way? All returning players were expecting a free slot - and they should have, because Warlock was released with a free slot and Soul Fighter was released with a free slot - therefore why would you suddenly change your previous actions? Free slots encourage players to try out a new class, especially if you are like me - I have tried out ALL the classes, I NEEDED that extra slot in order to try out the Gunslinger. Unfortunately to say, I had to buy one. While it was only 400NCoin in the Shop, and while it was my fault for not properly making sure that I had "registered", I was upset that the purchase was required in order to do something I had been looking forward to for weeks. I am not the only one who felt this way. Far from it. So WHY? Why design an item "registration" with a deadline that would ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off at least half the players this release was trying to bring back to the game? Second I would like to address the “registration” process and how it helped contribute to this nightmare. I will start by saying that this: ...was a little too vague. Log into which account? Specifying that I need to have at least a level 10 character implies it should be the Blade & Soul “account” game – yet I log in every day and I saw no obvious “big Register button” anywhere. When I click those orange letters that say “click on the big Register button” it takes me here: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/rise-of-the-gunslinger/ where I still saw no “big Register button”. Scrolling all the way down wondering if I was just blind all I saw was “Play Free Now” – but I already have an account with Blade and Soul – an account that should include “registering your NC account information” upon creation – so I’m not sure what this statement is trying to tell me to do. Worse, if this MIA “big Register button” was only viewable if I was logged into my Blade & Soul website account, then why were there no prompts to do so after clicking the orange link? I'm very busy with my job in the daytime, expecting me to know that I needed to login with a burnt-out brain is a bit cruel... Lastly I would like to give the Support Team a huge Thank You. They’ve always been so helpful when I send an issue their way. I see them attempting to help forum posters with their issues. I’ve heard lots of stories from friends and clannies who had good experiences receiving their problem resolutions. Which is why… I feel bad that I needed to harass them in order to get an item that I think EVERYONE who plays this game should have received for simply logging in on the day of the release. The Gunslinger Satchel should never have been hidden behind a “registration” wall, not if the goal was to keep your player base excited for something special that was advertised as “free”.