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  1. This person has the right to post something without people being so hostile and deliberately nasty. So many cruel people meticulously reading away at the forums trying to find people to attack and put down... What a horrible community this game seems to have... Bullying should mean permanent ban of your account connected to your email, as I'm truly sick of seeing someone being bullied in almost every forum post. Don't say anything to someone if you don't have anything nice to say, it's just common courtesy.
  2. Thanks so much guys, it works now. :D I joined Hajoon, can't be bothered for queues. OMC is very tempting though! :O
  3. "If you delete Korabella, you will be unable to create a character on this server until the restriction is lifted" - is the message that comes up on screen when i try to delete my character. I'm a perfectionist and whilst i'm playing i may decide a few times i dont like the character's appearance any more which is where i delete the character and start a new look. I may have done this 5 or so times. How can i get rid of this? As now i want to make a new one on another server. Thanks in advance, Corabella
  4. Hey! Thank you, I'll check it out :lol: What doe's OCX mean? Sorry I didn't get a chance to play the beta :(
  5. YO! brothers and sisters around the world

    Ahh what a shame, thanks so much for the information. :lol: Do recommend any servers on NA that I should consider for a good community?
  6. Ooooo! Great, thank you. I'll definitely check it out :)
  7. Hi :lol: As an Australian player, I'd love to be able to join an Australian Guild for the purpose of time zone differences. Is there any such guild about? Thanks! :)
  8. YO! brothers and sisters around the world

    Hi guys, I was wondering if there's an unofficial Oceania server?