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  1. Summoner Party Stealth Radius

    The skill is centered on the caster and it has a 50 m area. For example in SK raid, if a party member is on the other side of the map, he/she won't get the stealth.
  2. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    NCWest shouldn't have started the premium system like this back then... And people will still complain about it, because they change it after 2 years.
  3. What bothers me about the new premium

    Just keep believing that the new premium is better.:D When I said I would like free mail to an alt option, I didn't say I want to send outfits for free...I want to mail every item free, like mats, legendary jewels etc. And no, we do not have discounted ncoin prices. :DDDD
  4. What bothers me about the new premium

    I'm not a whale , and I just can't see the benefits either. Why didn't they add the free mail to an alt option? Or maybe discounted ncoin prices for premium only members.
  5. Dreamland outfit hype!
  6. I just can't accept this crappy response.

    I feel your pain,this happened to me too. I accepted their response, can't do anything else about it. They haven't even added reset scrolls yet... I'm playin for 2 years now and I even knew about this problem.... I just pressed 4 by accident..:/ :D
  7. Summoner crouching tiger skill.

    Dawn of the Lost Continent 4.0 Patch Notes "Summoner Crouching TIger (Z) Fixed an issue where Crouching Tiger would not cast properly when being used immediately after Beckon." Now the only problem is that when I engage a monster with the cat and I use Crouching tiger (which is Q btw and not the Z skill), the cat wont do the skill, and the skill will have a cooldown.
  8. Is Blade and Soul Worth Returning To?

    Lvl 50 HM 20 = lvl 51? Well thats funny. Hongmoon levels and normal levels are different things.
  9. Maintenance times. For real now?

    It's freaking 5 hours difference, kidding me? Easy to speak if you play on NA.
  10. Rosethorn drop rate is way too low

    I got mine from 10 boxes...guess I'm just lucky.^^
  11. Please bring back HM Diamonds on f10 specials

    Wow watch out GM, you have 40 days.
  12. Please bring back Harvest Moon!

    I agree, that costume is one of my favourite! <3
  13. Hey, returning FM and SUM are looking for friendly players to do dailies, dungs. etc with. Mail "Chibii" in game.