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  1. About at that point right now, everytime i want to launch the game i have to a sequence of things to play. T.T
  2. So they finally fixed the razer issues? :O
  3. RollBack????

    This trick fooled me too last time it happened said i was level three when i was twenty four lol.
  4. Gathering Really needs to be re done

    Hey there, I can't speak for the other people but, What I think they are getting at is when you find a Quarts node and it's showing as it is there and for you to grab(Green glowing dot above it) and you can't grab it for whatever unknown reasons. I've ran into this alot. A few bugs here and there with the spawns. I play with a friend and they where not able to grab the Quarts we both saw it and it was glowing green, We both had pick axes. but it would just not let her get it, it let me get it. Not sure how that works.
  5. Hello HellAvenger, Quick question about your game crashing, do you happen to have razer peripherals. Like Keyboard mouse or headset?

    Same Soha Is down it seems, Well then... I wonder what is going on with the servers. and if its maintenance a server message would be awesome. if thats ok to ask for.
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    This is the same think that is going on in the TW version of the game. Please find a fix for this issue it is annoying. In TW version you see like 50-100 bots in one zone questing and gold spamming. Not only do they cause these problems, they also are clogging the server up taking up slots and making the queue times longer for the players who want to play but don't have premium. Soon I feel it will be like TW here. Would like a fix.