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  1. Just need to whale more and support will transfer them for you, how my guilds' whales got their alts geared out.
  2. Yeah, I'm feeling you on that one. Big spenders I game with, streamers, etc. all have zero issues in getting support to transfer any item over, no matter how ridiculous. But a second class citizen like us that only spends a "little" every month get told that it's too hard for support to move items. Really starting to feel jaded about the difference in treatment that support offers to whales versus the non.
  3. ArenaNet has a stake in GW2, if the game goes under, people will lose their job. NCWest has no such stake with BnS, they won't be out on the streets if they run BnS under, if anything, making BnS go under will make their day to day job easier.
  4. If I recall correctly, they can only be used during one of the "attack" events.
  5. A bad decision is a bad decision no matter how much you advocate for it. Trying to convince people to throw gold away in an attempt to justify a broken system is doing the community a terrible disservice. In this case, the transmute option for turning bravery into pet pods should either be reworked or removed because everyone that considers that option would be far better off doing the following: 1. Do nothing with the bravery 2. Sell the mats used in the transmutation on the market 3. Buy a pet pod on the market for less money then what the mats sold for
  6. F8 is a cesspool in general, enough so that it surprises me that people still try and use it instead of hitting up some of the public discords posted in reddit or faction chat. I also would recommend using Celestial Basin for as much as you can then start being very vocal in your clan for continued progression. My recommendation is to stay out of F8 for anything that you can't already solo or carry 90% of the work because you won't get much from the bottom feeders there.
  7. Just spoke to the dev team and this is intended. Server performance has been adjusted.
  8. Since when? https://bnstree.com/character/na/1 3 https://bnstree.com/character/na/3 9
  9. I would disagree there, solo dt has been averaging me about 50g/hr which provides a much better opportunity cost to farming masts/naksun for bound mats.
  10. I think what you are missing is that your time is not worthless, just because you can farm those items doesn't magically make them without cost. In addition, even though you cannot sell Crystals, they still hold the same value as the base item when used in determining opportunity costs. The time you spend farming crystals could be used to do something with a higher profits that can in turn be spent to in the market to obtain more crystals than you otherwise would have farmed in that same time.
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