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  1. F3 it's a storage with one slot for every costume piece
  2. Standart Argument for any premium player who runs out of options: "Uhm uh but.. uh... You have no money! You're a freeloaner!" Can't deal with that kind of stupidity.
  3. @Yed: Played Archeage aswell, and we can't play the full BnS. NCSoft is paywalling features like the wardrobe, charslots and mail, that were ment to be free/ are free on other f2p servers.Since you came up with the worst f2p model out there, should I start with league of Legends? :>
  4. @Yui I don't know what makes you think that I wouldn't know what I was fighting for. I tried to be as clear as possible. I have played Blade and Soul on other successful servers in the past, which showed me, that a fair buisnessmodel without p2w is not only possible but lucrative. There was no need to withhold features and classes in order to force money out of people. Yes. force. Limiting charslots and withholding a class from launch, the wardrobe and mailrestriction, are just some cheap ways to make money without delivering anything beneficial to the playerb
  5. And again, you fail to see the entire point of this post. It's not about getting everything for free. It never has. It's about how we let NCSoft treat us now and in future titles. All you need to do is ask yourself one thing: Do you want them to offer you more content and things you enjoy in a game with all it's ment-to-have features or do you want them to keep taking away parts of games and sell them back to you? A good game will make money. It's about how it is made. "...you look at the places where pe
  6. What are you even talking about? You keep bringing up those ridiculous statements, turning others words in their mouths. If you can't make a point, stop writing.
  7. @Furholden: Watch the youtube video again. I don't understand why you keep bringing up p2w as it was even an option in the west to make some bucks. It isn't. No. Stop it.
  8. And here we go again: premium player elitist thinking and the entire reason they can treat the western audience like stupid sheep: most of them are. If a carseller would rip out the backseat an rent it to you on a monthly bases, you'd buy it, since you're saving the carseller. For the rest of us it just and insult to our intelligence.
  9. @Madameblade: please read before you post It's more like wanting to buy a car and the reseller rips out the backseat and trys to sell it to you for extra cash.
  10. Please show me the numbers you are reffering to. I'd really like to see them. Because... that's just an oppinion you have, without any evidence. But I get it: You propably have bought premium and want to feel good about yourself/dont want to share the advantages you have over other f2p players. Maybe that's why its becoming more of an emotional and not rational discussion Edit: what you are leaving out, Furholden, is that on the Asian market this game runs well for over 4 years as a f2p. - They have the wardrobe - They have 5 charslots - They have p
  11. I don't even think a lot of people bought premium because of the wardrobe, but the other advantages that bring you ahead on headstart. I honestly doubt the wardrobe would have limited profits. It does prevent me (and a bunch of other people) from buying new outfits tho. Have no place to store them LOL Edit: @ZigZack: Exactly.
  12. The reason I don't spend money atm is, just because of that: Free content that was locked, just to sell it to the stupid western audience. A company that would try that on the Asian market would be torn to pieces. We would have 5 charslots each, but hey, if it's limited to 2, and an entire new class is withheld for a month, people will pay, right? Is that the 'keeping it fair" so many people talk about here? It sure feels more like an insult to me. Don't get me wrong, I really WANT to support this game, but I CAN'T support the greed shown here by NCSoft.
  13. Get your facts straight. If you want to make this point, how about you show us some evidence, because what you wrote is just a believe that is based on nothing.
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