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  1. Bots around in Jadestone Village

    I do have a video, but don't know how to upload it. And I say bots because there are multiple of Destroyers staying in one place and keep on going in and out and also because someone have showed me a video about bots where it's doing exact same thing except this was in Korean BnS.
  2. high ping in pvp and dungeon

    I saw someone post about how they're working on this right now. So hopefully it gets fixed very soon.
  3. Pay2win or not, opinions?

    Pay2win has no clear cut definition and everyone has different idea about such term. But we can all agree that Pay2win means it gives a player who used real money in the game to have more advantages than most free players. I think that it's not pay2win ONLY BECAUSE us free players are still able to do upgrade end game gears by running a dungeons etc. However, I do agree w/ you OP that it's kind of unfair that they can get better gears and such much quicker just by paying and getting a RNGBox that can give them items that they can use to upgrade and or sell in the market. It feels like they're taking a "shortcut" to the game. I think we should have a different term than pay2win to describe this type of situation... Either NCSoft discard the RNGboxes and implement the outfits that people are willing to spend money on, or don't include any upgrade items in the RNGBoxes instead make it so that they just get random outfits, or just make upgrade items/salvaged items unmarketable in order to avoid the deflation of the game economy. (Feel free to correct me, but this is my personal point of view on market/economy and how the result of implementation of RNGBoxes impacting it.) -Bottom line: No, it's not Pay2Win, however it's a bit unpleasant to see these "shotcutters" getting their gears faster by just getting upgrade items and or selling items they got from RNGBoxes.
  4. Bots around in Jadestone Village

    I logged in and the first thing i see in front of the Lakeside Cache is bots just keep going in and out of the dungeon. I clicked one of their name and they're around 30-40s. I would report for botting but there's just too many of them. I'm guessing this how people earn money? By leveling them up and sell them to other people or something...Hope this issue would get fixed soon.

    Oh my goodness those bots..that's kinda gross lol!

    Oh what really? Is there a way to figure out if the character is a bot? So that if we find it we can report it maybe...
  7. Did something happened to the ping ?

    I'm having the same issue too. (NA server) I usually have high ping at first when logging in and or changing the channel then goes down few seconds after, but now it just randomly spikes up when in combat even if there aren't many players around the area.
  8. Uh oh that's really bad...I guess I better turn on the Ignore requests...
  9. Good and bad.

    I guess we were too perplexed to do that at first haha
  10. Good and bad.

    I agree that the map markers behave quite weirdly sometimes, the actual point of concern seems to be at the tip of the arrow but even knowing that sometimes I keep running around the required NPC. Explanation of game features: I'm not sure there's much to be explained about factions, you get faction introductions when you talk to Hansu and Sansu (was it Sansu? Let's call him Sansu) in Bamboo village. The most vital part of the factions is explained as soon as you try to put on your faction uniform, and the clan relations I believe are explained as well. Was there anything about selling and buying that wasn't clear? You even get the quest to open the marketplace. Dodging/evasion: Most of the time if you move behind the character while he's swinging you don't get hit - either because of the attacked area or because of the 0.5s invincibility you get. You do get hit if you move behind him so early that he'll turn around and attack you in your new place. If you're still getting damaged despite moving behind before a hit, you might be lagging. At least I don't recall that happening. Yep, yep! I think the size of the markers overall are too emphasized than the tip of the arrows and also your own marker on the map is about the same size so even more confusions at times. -For faction, my friend and I were very lost (we're both level 45s) as to why he didn't have the same daily quests at all as I do in certain areas...Turns out you have to rank up to unlock faction dailies...We might have overlooked that in the early part of the game. If it was mentioned in the early part of the game, well...Bad on our part! and for the market, I don't think they emphasized the limitations of buying and selling...None of my guild members knew about this until I had to Google search. -It happens to me at times even though I'm not lagging. I move behind and I clearly see the mob swinging what's in front of them and I get hit. I guess I'll try to be more observant next time when using the Q and E skills.
  11. Good and bad.

    First of all, I'd like to say this is just my opinion. Apologies in advance if it somehow offends you. So, I've had mostly positive gameplay experience with BnS: -Most of the players I've encountered are rather helpful and friendly! (For dungeons, daily quests, faction quests, etc.) -Game isn't heavily grindy or at least it's trying to avoid such thing, compared to most of the MMORPGs I've played. -Even though I'm a free user that does not heavily impact the overall gameplay; in other words, you can still enjoy the game to the fullest so far. I don't think I have ever sat down and played an MMORPG for hours per day ever since the launch, and that's saying a lot from someone who gets tired of such genre quickly (mostly because it's way too repetitive: for example, you have to kill 100 mobs to finish part of a quest then proceeds you to farm for an item with very low drop rate. It gets very boring very fast.) I also like the fact that the game makes you engage into doing quests to level up, it's somehow more rewarding that way. But now here are some complaints which I'm sure players on the forums have mentioned once or twice or more... -Inventory spaces I do appreciate that the game gives us some chance to increase slots to store items (the pouches, use of in-game currency, vault with two storage) but that's simply not enough... due to soul shield pieces, upgrade materials, outfits, adornments, gathering/crafting materials, and the list goes on. I do wish that the wardrobe feature was free thing, but most of all I really wish that the soul shields had its own inventory slots. Why not just make the soul shield tab in the inventory as its own storage? It'd be really help to free some of the inventory and vault spaces. -Limits on selling/buying items on the market At first I was upset that there was a limit (10 for us free users, right?) but then someone mentioned that it was to prevent bots over flooding the market and I guess it also controls the overpricing and such (not that there are no overpriced items but still, it somehow lessens this?) Instead of per day reset, how about every 6 or 12 hour resets for this? -Limit on daily quests I can't believe I'm actually complaining about this, but I wish I can do more daily quests...Yeah. I really do mean that. As far as I know, this game encourages you to earn in game money from doing quests and selling items. So then if those things are limited, what else can we do? There isn't much besides that for now. I'm just not really convinced that limitation for daily quest is necessary. -Quartz, QUARTZ, QUARTZ and every other open world materials. Never have I felt so much rage when trying to get these. It's not right of me to have inner rage towards some buff gons, or tiny lyns or humans or whoever, when they pickaxe their way to get those quartz. I understand it's like a first come first serve basis I guess. But my goodness these quartz respawn rate is just absolutely silly. Unless someone convinces me otherwise, I really think this should be improved for better: either make these more available and/or faster respawn rate... -Map markers in general It's helpful to have icons indicating where they are. But sometimes they are rather inaccurate or vague. I think the markers should be smaller for better accurately indicate the locations. I know I had some troubles when trying to find quests...and quartz...Especially the quartz. -Better explanations on some of the game features Because Blade and Soul is slightly different than some of the mmorpgs, it would have been nice if the game mentioned some of the things like limits on quests, selling and buying, factions and how they work, and so on. -Dodging/evasion system I admit, I am very horrible at timing things. (a Lyn Blade Dancer) but the Q and E are just useless to me most of the time. When a mob is about to hit you, you'd think by dashing behind them just a bit early you're avoiding the hit. But nope, you have to time it very precisely to dodge when they actually hit you. Why is that??? If I timed the evasion too late then I'd understand, that would be my fault; but why penalize when you do this too early? I'm behind the mob and clearly, the mob is hitting what's in front of them: no one, and yet here is my character getting a hit. It just frustrates me just a bit. Well, that's about it as far as I'm concerned...I know that this game was just launched like few weeks ago, so of course I don't expect a whole lot of changes so soon. Also, can't wait for upcoming contents!

    Kind of doubt that...If it was DDos the game and the forums will be inaccessible because of the massive trafficking...Again, their twitter says they are still investigating the issues...So don't expect the servers to be stable yet.

    Their Twitter: "Hello all, our network teams are investigating server issues that have been going on. We apologize for any frustrations." No news of officially servers going up...The servers might go down again. *Still waits for them to say it's up officially.*
  14. Purchased NCoin not received.

    It's probably unstable servers that's causing it, I'm sure they'll fix it all together. Hope you get coins soon
  15. Purchased NCoin not received.

    This is what their twitter says: "B&S NA servers are now up! Some sporadic in-game store issues persist, but we are working to resolve it as quickly as possible." Hopefully it'll get fixed soon. Edit: Sorry, that tweet was 9hrs ago. It's still the server issues. "Hello all, our network teams are investigating server issues that have been going on. We apologize for any frustrations." That's the most recent twitter update.