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  1. Support gave me a laugh today

    With my warlock, I got my deva costume on the third spin, and got my razor from the first chest (no brilliant key). Actually had a pretty easy time getting warlock weapons up to level 35 so far with my warlock, but that balances out with me getting maybe 3 warlock weapons total across all my characters before warlock was released. Don't forget how easy it is to be biased when you're trying to get 1 of many drops from a random chance. You'd have to do 100's to 1000's of attempts to start to get a decent sampling. The RNG in this game does feel very streaky though, so I keep that in mind when dealing with it. Generally that means gathering a decent stack of essence or weapon chests before using them, and spreading their use out so I'm not as limited to the short streaks the RNG seems to do.
  2. I thought it wasn't a matter of buying ncoin, but of spending some of it to unlock mail. Obviously you'd have to buy some to spend it. Have you spent any of your ncoin on the game?
  3. Faction Annoyance

    Usually you can join the faction you want pretty quickly if you keep trying. The longest I've spent trying to join a specific faction was 90-120 seconds.
  4. Hall of Ogong rip

    Generally if you rotate the camera to point straight down and watch what the F prompt says, you can find a spot over the box that interacts with the box instead of the portal too.
  5. Stalker clothing set

    I seem to have better luck on the wheels if I go through around 30 essences at a time, rather than running back after each kill. I usually get the outfit from that wheel with less than 30, but have used up to 80ish to get it on one of my characters.
  6. I dont buy RNG isnt rigged at all

    You can often find more success going against the RNG over a longer time period instead of short bursts. A RNG isn't truly random, so you can get a better variation over 30 seconds than you will over 30 1 second separated bursts. I see lots of complaining about wheel of fate costumes, but then I see lots of players spending their essences 1-2 at a time, running back and killing the boss again and then spinning 1-2 times several minutes later. I save up about 30 essence, and then go through them all at the wheels and generally get whatever I'm going for within 10-20 spins. With weapon boxes, don't open them all at once, save up a group, open one at a time, one after another, so you can get some of the fluctuation out of the RNG. Pause if you're getting a bunch of one thing you don't want and give the RNG time to switch tables.
  7. If you go into game with the character, I'm pretty sure you can pull up the photo gallery, go to the appearance tab and save your appearance for that character, so you can load that appearance in the character creator whenever you want.