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  1. I am pretty new to 6v6. I am usually a PvE player but since I'm kinda done with that content (just need stuff from Raids), I decided to try out 6v6 and started upgrading PvP Gear and joined few matches. After only few matches i got already my first crash... I was like ok can happen w/e another few matches later again a crash... already mad but ye w/e queue again .... crash... crash ... crash .... 3 crashes in a row ( yes I did restart my pc after every crash, yes I have my graphics on minimum, yes its optimized for low end PC even tho my PC is pretty decent and should be more then enough for B
  2. Nice good that i bought my Radiant Energys for 14g each. Big profit inc. BNSvictory
  3. In before i look now for 12 more ppl to join my raid and tomorrow it will be again "we decided to keep it 12 man false information" time to kick them again haHAA
  4. Got it today after 4757 Tags i think something like 230+ runs rly annoying :O
  5. Hey guys, i think a lot of ppl are mad about the droprate for the Infinite Challenge Outfit. So why they dont add this to the Merchant in the Dreadtide? For 1000 Dreadtide Tags + Some Gold or something like dat. Or add it to the Cash Shop :( i have now 85. Fail runs and each run takes me arround 7-10 min. 10-14 hours for nothing. just wanna share my feels with u :(
  6. Reached 1100 Dreadtide Tags atm. But Windrest Server has issues lost like 500 tags cuz want to split them lol. They should add the outfit in the merchant store for like 1000 Tags + 10 Gold or Something then u know at least u will get it. But RNG means probably u will never get it xD
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