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  1. Envoi de courrier

    Bonjour, J'ai pu lire plusieurs topics à ce sujet. Il semblerait que c'est bug. Même en achetant des NCoins plusieurs personnes peuvent toujours pas envoyé des courriers. Du coup il faut toujours faier passer les objets à quelqu'un puis il te repasse çà à ton autre personnage. C'est assez chiant
  2. How to do the walk animation?

    You can do it by pressing the button '/' next to the numLock button
  3. Warlock's in pvp

    I disagree. Warlock doesn't heal like summoners and their pet (thrall) is not as strong as the cats. Warlocks don't go invisible. I agree that warlocks can do many damage (like most class) if you know how to play. They have different style. I don't have the problem with cooldowns. The cooldowns are not so long or most of the time you can reset it with other spells. Defensive spell are important, so make the right decision on the right moment.
  4. I feel the same way. I am completly lost with their new system of upgrading. I have look around and find some topics but still it's unclear and too much in one time.
  5. Market interface not working

    The problem has been fixed. Thank you
  6. Market interface not working

    Hi, This morning the market interface is not working. The interface is weird and it doesn't show the results of a search.
  7. Name of the costume?

    It's not a costume. If I am not wrong, warlocks have a spell to sacrifice their pet and they wear temporary this 'costume'
  8. Dear forum lurkers, posters, readers

    I don't think that the fps drop has to do with using SSD or not. SSD just make loading screen faster, but not rendering of the game. My brother and I don't have SSD , but he has a better graphic cart and doesn't have much issue with fps drop (and I have that problem).
  9. way of the warlock quest 4 bug

    I don't know what the bug is, but maybe you can try to complete it. I found this on reddit : Hope this will help you. (orinigal post: here)Insert other media
  10. Loading screen?

    Thank you for your response ! The server will be up with the in clock NA? It wasn't specified in the mail
  11. Loading screen?

    I have the same problem. I have enter the activation code on the site, but nothing has changed :(