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  1. Lag Issues Collection

    Just adding an item to the list: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/183355-server-lag-for-3-weeks-eu/#comment-1716048
  2. Server lag for 3 weeks? EU

    Hey, I'm experiencing the exact same issue. What's odd is that those issues are of different levels depending on the person. I have two friends who experience lags on their skills too, but not something too much of a handicap, except sometime during the weekend when lot of people are playing. For myself, I'm experiencing this almost all time, especially at misty woods were pvp just become unplayable. The "funny" part being that my girlfriend don't experience any of this issues (except the usual ones like servers disconnection when everybody on the server get it) even though we're on the same network! I contacted the support team and they tried the usual stuffs to find issues on my side (check my hardware configuration, my drivers, running process and apps etc.) and once they got out of tests they just tried to put the fault on my ISP. Not a single test was done to check if the issue was on their side. They asked for a pingplotter report and reinterpreted it, arguing that I was experiencing lot of packet loss on the route when I was obviously not. My only guess is that they are aware of the issue, but since they don't have a solution and not everybody is experiencing it they're just denying it. For why not everybody is experiencing those issues, I can only guess. Maybe the servers are overloaded and can't respond to all requests in time, and they are using some sort of priority queue so that not everybody experience random lagg issues, keeping the global impression that the game is running fine, making us the unlucky ones.
  3. Instant Escape needs to be changed

    Three days ago I got attacked by 4 summoners while doing my quests. I still managed to get one low life and was about to kill him using thunderstruck, sent him into the air etc. The guy *cricket*ing escaped during the thunderstruck animation! And I just ended hitting the ground alone U_U
  4. Sorry if the subject already exist, I searched but found none. In arena I often stun or catch people in my web (assassin) so that I can go in their back and use shadow dash to go stealth. But since some days I see more and more people using what look likes an exploit to have their character turning while controlled and always face me (that's a weird feel to see the guy and the web turning together x) ). Hope it can be fixed :)
  5. Instant Escape needs to be changed

    Ofc you don't have to and I know your feel. When I'm going for my dailies I first check for a channel which isn't overcroweded with Ceruleans then put on my outfit. But this Escape feature wasn't intended for pvp and so shouldn't be usable for it or we'll keep seeing the behavior I explained above.
  6. Instant Escape needs to be changed

    This is becoming a real issue. The idea has spread and it's ruining the open pvp. It's more the other way around, people bad at pvp hunting in group and when they meet some resistance they just escape. With this practice group bullying is spreading because if you're alone your opponent(s) will always have enough time to escape before you defeat him/them while you won't last 1s when they'll jump on you 10vs1 (and ofc use escape if people of your faction come to help). Also, there's dailies and achievements to get by defeating people in open pvp. This escape cheat is killing fair fights and bringing people to go 5vs1 so you don't get a chance to run away. Cogbyrn idea seems good. Just forbid the escape as long as people are wearing the faction outfit.
  7. Skill bar not complete

    With only one little bar, all our currently available skills aren't displayed. As an example, the Assassin Sidestep isn't. It makes the learning process harder. It would be great to be able to manage this skill bar, to be able to customize the skills order and to add extra bars so that we can see all skills even though they are grey because they are not usable in the current stance.
  8. Client repair

    It's been two betas now, everytime I start the client I get a 85KB file repair. My friends started getting the same issue at the last beta.
  9. Issue with friends Window

    Most of the time my friends are shown as connected even though they are not. Only way to find out if they really are is to whisper or send an invite so that I get a message saying they are unreachable.
  10. There's a lot of issues with the collision system. First, most objects have a hitbox way too large, getting you in weird situations were you're stuck, running in an invisible wall. Also, I'm often blocked by things that shouldn't like wood flooring in the houses and have to jump. Finally, when you get stuck against an invisible wall, you may find yourself enable to bypass it. When you try to go in another direction, you run a few meters and then your character get sent back to its previous location. When it happens, the only solution I found is to run in every directions until it finally works.
  11. Security Notification

    Even though we still have the same IP (the box didn't reboot and I checked my IP just to make sure), my friends and I get a security check to validate our location at almost every connection.