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  1. 8 minutes ago, NODY said:

    I don't need mmo to play game btw. 


    And dude, you are premium you have pay for that. Go learn what mean F2P. 


    And sorry but it's the first game than i see who you need to be Premium for farm gold. LOL.


    Good for you if you are close to 800ap.

    wow your a such a sad person that thinks premium is equal p2w. plz explain to me what you mean with p2w in this game ? cause i really dont know.. i mean you just said i need to learn more.

  2. 6 minutes ago, NODY said:

    Try on other server  ? I have 7 character 50 than i have before. I don't want re-do. lol


    And All French server are the same server. 


    Really doable 800+ AP on F2P ? I think you troll hard to say that. I never seen ANY player with 800AP without P2W.


    And it's an other topic to say how Ncsoft have totally ruined this game. 


    That's all. Thank you byebye.


    Have nice P2W in your ruined game. :D

    have a nice day and find a MMO that has no " p2w " element  ;)

    im at 789 apm atm and im premium only. friend of mine hit 808 yesterday

  3. every mmo out there are more or less " p2w ". maybe try play on an other server? 

    i agree on the part of the latency - my ping has been really horrible these past days but since then no problem at all.


    its really doable to have 800+ ap as f2p.. people just need to rethink how they play this game and what to farm and what dungeons they are gonna farm


    and why do you write a thread about you leaving the game?

  4. 3 hours ago, FarenheitZer0 said:

    Let me "thing a little longer" about this. 


    Before this patch, evolved stones had nearly no use and moreover drop at a very little rate. Basically, you are telling us that

    these clanmates of yours bought (notice: bought them, didn't drop them in anyway but bought) 8-9k of an item that had no use,

    taking 8-9 inventory space, at a price of 800 - 900 gold  (evolve stones never fell to 10 silver but whatever) ?

    For what purpose (whale logic might be, lol)?


    There are only two reasons that may justify this: either these clanmates of yours had an inside information or they are "swipelords"

    and just covering themselves. I strongly doubt the first hypothesis. Furthermore, other regions had and still have no use for evolve stones,

    be it KR,CN,TW,JP. Our soul is the only one that requires evolove stones. There were no evidence or fact that may have induce us to buy

    evolve stones for the soul.


    Having thought a little longer on it, I am sorry to tell you that but your clanmates are huge swipelords and just advancing these reasons

    to cover themselves. "Good investment" and "efficient farming" are the arguments advance by "swipelords" to cover up their swiping.

    To some extent, playing the market is profitable but there is no way someone can get our soul through this method.


    I have nothing against whale or "swipelord", but what is the purpose of swiping and then lying, stating that his/her gear is pure grind,

    plus "good investment" and "efficient farming"and moreover calling others braindead or noobs?


    Please, think a little longer.

    just lol man ;D im guessing your one of the people who call out others for swipelords then play the game , play the market and farm dungeons? you didnt notice too in ur soul that you needed evolved stones earlier on to upgrade it? how about you should have think about that in earlier stages when you know that you need it, and why buy just for  your upgrade in the beg?


    i still dont follow you on anything what you said tbh. for me it sounds  that ur a bit jealous but yea :) w/e

  5. just lol at this thread, some of my clanmates did buy alot of evolved stones when they were lik 10 silver each and stacked up them.. some of them had around 8-9k of those , and when this patch came bam they just earned 30k gold ;D


    you guys never thought about how you spend ur gold and how you obtain it? play the market? look up some materials on other regions that will go up in price?


    instead of calling out people for being swipelords and such like that.. maybe maaaybe, think a little longer

  6. 2 hours ago, Cookiesfaces said:

    This is NCsoft intended. From the last maintenance, the suscessful rate of transmutation has been decreased without notification. Due to the new update and the reduced material requirement for weapon upgrade, NCSOFT reduced the chance of success in order to increase the price of Silverfrost Premium transformation stone. Sadly to said but it is a scam behind the scene here. NCSOFT is just trick players to believe that they are going to reduce the cost of upgrading, but instead they jack up the price of the material itself. Price may go back to x2/SPTS tomorrow. I have submited the ticket that require GM to explain the issue of extremely low rate, but my ticket got closed with the answer "blame the game RNG". GM do not control the RNG rate. 


    " increased fail chance " what kind of lie is this ? it has always been RNG based.


    i did 9/10 today with pts.. such increased fail chance in ur logic.

  7. 25 minutes ago, Valiant said:

    But having x Classes can you gave upper hand, Like Bagluon having assassin is like a 70% chance of winning , As well as having soulburn is very important in 6v6


    But that could be changed by next patch if they going for real change and spread pve skills from pvp one, We shall see

    yup, remove soul burn and fighting spirit + all grabbing cause its only for pve

  8. Allright, take away fighting spirit,cat grab,soulburn,restrain/grab skills from 6vs6 too :) put in a resolve bar into this game too, so people cant get chain stunned or dazed.


    and remove grab/fighting spirit/soulburn/time distortion from 1vs1 and 3vs3

  9. 4 minutes ago, Sonozaki said:

    Just imagin if theres more then one player spamming at the kfm, he will counter all day and be resist, no matter how easily i could take him down... aside from kfm having plenty other i-frames.


    But as i said before, i don't intend to start another class flame war and refer to mechanics in general, not class-based.

    Those are just examples.

    but still is that the class problem issue, or is it the playerbase problem that they dont know how to play vs kfm? everytime i have been in beluga or valley and i see 2 people running for a kfm who is solo defending im just not going there cause its waste of time - cause 85% of the playerbase just smashing their keyboard instead of thinking of to act against kfm.


    and yeah im KFM main , and i have seen so many people / played against many people who just do what im talking about, its not a class issue.


    lets say they do this what you wanted , to make our counter 2-3 sec cd on .. what are we supposed to then? 

  10. 27 minutes ago, Sonozaki said:

    Just speaking from personal experience, as someone who has been around the top 10 of his class rank in both beluga and WWV:


    I don't ever see anyone who is incredibly undeargeared compared to the other guys in any of the two teams, except for some rare occasions, when some sum got carried... heal does not require gear. Thats not in the first week after season reset, but when rankings are more spread obviously.

    What i notice is, that MM takes really long sometimes and you always only meet the same few people over and over, which gets boring fast. The last times whales really had possibilities to farm 500AP players probably was that WWV event.

    In this aspect, i want to point out some problems i see and some things i see different then some of you folks:


    Edit: To not have this drift into another class flame-war, let me mention beforehand, that the skills\classes mentioned are just examples. My points are referring to the mechanics of said skills and thus applies to all classes who have skills of equal mechanics.


    -Restrain skills need to be disabled or at least lowered when used against players in 6v6, lets say the enemy team has 2bd and 2sum. If all of them have gear around what a 600AP usually has, they still easily wreck a whole 800AP crew, Theres more grabs then escape and Restrain dmg is insane, while those 2 classes can survive quite a long time without major difficulties.

    -Tagging things (horns, braziers) should not be possible while stealthed. Or at least have the usual *ping* on the map appear, like when someone unstealthed does tag it.

    -Sum healing on the group is way to much. Selfheal may stay as is, even if some consider it to much as well.

    (Just an idea: make it modifiable by AP as well, like skill soandso heals 25xAP over x seconds, i think the balance between pve and pvp as well as differences in gears would be better reflected by this, also make it non stackable when theres multiple sums)

    -There should not be any spammable defensive skills, like BM block, KFM counter and so on, they should have a tiny cd, like 2 or 3 sec, so theres always a gap in between and you actually need to think if using it right now is a good idea.

    -There should not be spammable, fairly high dmg, no requirements needing skills, from that u can not defend, i.e. the sunflower, parry- &def-pen as well as aoe, so Bladecall, veil, sanctum, etc. dont work either 

    (so either make it blockable OR parry-able OR lower its dmg, since taking the aoe effect from it would not be a good option imho... to balance this for pve something could be done about bees build, so the diversion between pve and pvp builds increases. Something equal was done to WL Wingstorm for example, when they noticed it being brokenly op at WL launch)

    -i agree that some sort of limitation on how many players of the same class can be present in any given team at the same time is needed

    -no class should have something like a block breaker automatically appear on any of their main rotation spamming buttons, so they actually need to react themselves and press that specific button and not just spam on

    -the BM right-click case will soon be reqorked, so i won't futher comment on that

    -make it so u can not aoe through braziers, especially those "pulls enemys" aoe, which ive seen causing players to be stuck inside the brazier. also it would make it more fair to defend with classes who can not spam aoe all the time and it would make defending solo vs. multiple opponents more difficult

    (like 1 fm/kfm/etc. keeping 4 people from tagging by themselves, would also give des and bd a more important role aside from grabbing, if restrain against players was nerfed)

    -top and bottom braziers circle thing on the ground, that you can not run over normally... 

    -make vegetation on the maps invisible, when they are right in your screen. for example in WWV, when a FM keeps pushing you the the edge of a spot, especially the middle brazier, all you see on your screen will be big green leafes... this is very annoying, considering im only using 200max cam distance


    Well, that's all that comes to mind for now. Feel free to give me your opinions on this.


    PS: That Whale vs. F2P problem you mentioned was somehow solved when rankings were introduced. However, having more players doing 6v6 would cause more diversion in rankings and lessen the problem.

    ohm making kfms counter for 2-3 seconds.. you want to make us a sitting duck when range just spam us to death ? im guessing you playing warlock who cant fight a kfm.. just smashing your keyboard into our counter.


    thats what happens when people dont know how to play versus a kfm who is defending alone, they just give him/her free iframes cause they just spam they buttons..

  11. 42 minutes ago, xNina said:

    LOOOOOL, Buff which class? Ur little super OP 2 button Force master? Or your super OP 1 button blade master? Only class need some helps are WL, SF. Atleast for pvp

    Nah im not talking about buffing those classes at all, KFM has not got any buff for over 6 month, maybe help them out a little, or buff destroyers a little?

  12. 18 minutes ago, Valiant said:

    I love how we supposed to be a punching Class , Now every class punch us when we use our escape in pvp

    Like see how summoner or SF or BM or KFM with fighting spirit or warlock able to do to you once you use your escape, Just instance 6 second 100-0 while you mostly are punched to use Blue buff instead of your fury 100-0 so you escape their power wrath 


    While on other hand, We need to gave up 1 stun cc to use shield to protect ourself since we got no immune, people cry about our spin2win while no cry about how KFM and FM got endless counter that can';t be broken and use no focus

    No one cry about how BM block require no focus and still so good

    Idk what is wrong with people crying about spin2win, For real I will just quit this game cause all the hate and cancer they gave to Destroyer, I feel useless in pve and more angry in pvp cause of this unbalanced classes 

    maybe you should just practise more instead of sitting on forum each day and whine about your class? our counter as kfm.. nearly all classes can break it. and yeah in 6vs6, you wanna now why we have endless iframes? cause people just smashing their keyboard and spamming skills into our counter;D

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